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Real Retail TV Episodes:

Sales Statistics & Why They Are So Important

Want to be able to increase your retail store’s sales in a meaningful way? Discover four simple statistics that can give you big insights into all of the little things that are happening on your sales floor.

Curbing Retail Theft & Fraud

Theft and fraud are a reality. We just need to recognize it and be upfront about it. Sometimes it’s painful. But you are a business person and part of being a business person is dealing with reality the way that it is, and thinking critically.

Three Rules Of Profitable Retail Pricing

Pricing is the low hanging fruit. When you can strategically price your goods, good things start to happen. In this video, discover one of the most commonly overlooked sources of sales increases, and higher profits: pricing.

5 Ways To Fight Retail Burnout

Burn out is a very, very real problem for independent retailers. In this episode of Real Retail TV, you are going to learn five ways to banish it from your life forever.

5 Types Of Promotions For Savvy Retailers

If you ever get caught in the trap of feeling like you’re doing too many sales in your store, then this episode about retail promotions of Real Retail TV is for you.

Lifetime Value Of A Retail Customer

In this episode, we’ll show you how to calculate the lifetime value of a retail customer step by step. This concept can change everything about how you think of marketing.

6 Time Vampires

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about time vampires and how they are sucking away your time and your focus…and how you can change that.

A Love Letter

This episode is a love letter for everyone who works in retail: owners, managers and team members. You are awesome, you make a difference and you deserve a giant pat on the back for all you do.

The Ultimate Retail Selling System

In order to give your customers the service they deserve, you need two things– you need a goal, and you need a solid selling system. And the 6 steps to the perfect purchase is the ultimate retail selling system.

How To Handle Retail Customer Complaints

If you’ve been in retail for more than 10 minutes you know that complaints are a fact of life. I’m going to suggest that complaints and complainers are really opportunities. Opportunities to do, as Disney says, turn tragic into magic.

12 Traits Of Successful Retailers

After observing thousands of independent, successful retailers, there are 12 important traits that the most successful share. In this episode, you’ll learn all twelve, PLUS a bonus trait you might never have thought of.

Finding Great Retail Employees

When finding great retail employees as a retail store owner, you need to recognize that there are great people everywhere. You just need to put on your recruiting hat, keep on your recruiting hat, and always look.

3 Ways To Grow Your Retail Business

There are only three ways to grow a retail business, and in this episode of Real Retail TV, I’ll share what they are, what they mean for your retail business, and how they work together for the future growth of your retail business.

Non-Negotiable Standards

This Episode: 3 Incredibly Powerful Words: “Non-Negotiable Standards.” If you are frustrated because your team members are not doing what you want them to do, the way you want them to do it, then you are going to LOVE This video!

WhizBang! Cause Marketing

WhizBang! Cause Marketing is a technique that helps retailers like you solve the “donation dilemma” in a way that lets you help your community while bringing new customers into your store.

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