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It’s LIVE, VIRTUAL, & RE-INVENTED for 2021, and whether your marketing plan needs a tiny tweak, requires a complete overhaul, or has yet to be created… the Marketing Mentor Program is for you! You’ll discover the right strategies for your business, choose the right combination of marketing tactics, and put together a new marketing plan that will reflect the omni-experiential transformations happening now and take into consideration what’s coming in our post-pandemic future.

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Bob Negen’s expertise comes from real-world experience as an independent store owner for 20 years. There’s no fluff — only proven, practical, ideas that work. Click here to hire Bob for your next event.

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Our retail training help retail business owners like you increase sales, delight customers, and have more fun running a successful store.

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Every Wednesday we send out our free retail Tip of the Week filled with advice and ideas for helping you run the store of your dreams. Click here to sign up for our weekly Tip. 

Immediately Increase Your Store Sales!

Would you like to very quickly increase your store sales? The secret to more money in your register may be hidden in how you are pricing your products. Watch Bob’s video, The 3 Timeless Rules of Profitable Retail Pricing to learn more.

What Is Your Customer Service Profile?

Your customer’s experience is a combination of many components, many of which you may not have even considered. This short quiz will reveal your Customer Experience Profile – both its strengths and its pitfalls. Understanding your profile will give you clarity about what to do next…