Meet Bob Negen: Retail Expert, Speaker & Consultant

Bob Negen, co-founder of WhizBang! Retail Training, is a retail expert, author, speaker, and business coach. Bob motivates and trains independent retailers to improve and grow their businesses with actionable tactics and strategies. His proven systems and techniques consistently deliver measurable results in over 40 retail industries – including the pet industry.

Bob speaks to business owners in their language using real-world retail experiences and humorous stories from the trenches. A retailer himself for 19 years, Bob turned his single kite store into an award-winning multi-million-dollar toy store chain. Now he uses his four decades of retail experience to help store owners and managers learn the necessary business skills they need to succeed in today’s changing retail environment.

Retail Expert Bob Negen talking with attendees of the Retail Success Summit
Retail Expert Bob Negen speaking at the 2023 Retail Success Summit