“The Platinum Mastermind Group has generated over $2M in additional sales for my business & the added balance & personal strength it brought to my life is priceless.”
~ Maureen Doron, Skirt

Are You Ready To Improve YOUR Business & Transform YOUR Life?

If you answered “yes…” Congratulations! You are considering taking a big step that will forever change the course of your business and your life. 

The first question most people ask when trying to determine if the Platinum Mastermind Group is a good fit is…

What is the Platinum Mastermind Group?

In his classic book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explained the concept of a “Master Mind” this way:

“Economic advantages may be created by any person who surrounds himself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of people who are willing to lend him wholehearted aid, in a spirit of perfect harmony. This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune. Your understanding of this great truth may definitely determine your financial status.”

The Platinum Mastermind Group is exactly that kind of “cooperative alliance” – an intimate group of already-successful independent retailers who learn from each other, support and encourage each other, share ideas and best practices, push and challenge each other, and hold each other accountable.

Get an idea in the retail mastermind

The retailers in this group create a special bond that is truly life and business changing!

Here is the Platinum Mastermind Group Experience, as described by some of our past and current members:


“The Platinum Mastermind Group allowed me to de-stress my life… it has made a profound difference in my life”

~ Beth Staley, Happy Dog Barkery

“It’s made me a more effective leader and my company run better. I just can’t say enough about what it’s done for my business!”

~ Jessica Bettencourt, Klem’s

“If you want to take it to the next level, the Platinum Mastermind Group is where it’s at.”

~ Jessica Skop, Serendipity Wellness Spa

“Within 3 months of joining the Platinum Mastermind Group, I made back my year’s investment.”

~ Maureen Doron, Skirt

Imagine how much your life and business will have changed in just one year with the help of the Platinum Mastermind Group!

Why Do People Join?

Most people join for one of three reasons:

1. You join because you understand you need new perspectives to grow. You know that what got you to where you are is not enough to get you where you want to go, and you understand you need to broaden your views and open new levels of understanding.

2. You join for strategies and tools. Your sales have plateaued and you know there is potential to do a lot more, but can’t seem to find what you need to kick start the next surge of growth. Or sales are growing crazy out of control and you’re going crazy right along with them. Either way, you need some new ideas for the next phase of your business.

3. You join for collaboration, inspiration, and support. You have a successful business that you love but are frustrated because nobody – not even your friends and family – really “gets” what you’re going through, and you need a safe place to be yourself and feel free to share your thorniest problems or your biggest, craziest dreams. The stuff you don’t want to discuss at your Chamber of Commerce, with the business owner next door, or with your employees.

If this sounds like you, imagine what it will be like to tap into the collective wisdom of me, Susan, and this amazing group of retail business owners.

Who’s In The Platinum Mastermind Group?

…a sixth-generation butcher located in the UK who confidently developed and opened a state-of-the-art Food Hall, all while continuing to grow his family business that started in 1880.

…an amazing retailer who owns boutiques in Pennsylvania featuring upscale women’s fashions. Through her creative and double-your-impact marketing strategies, her stores have achieved great success on the cutting edge of e-commerce too.

…the super sharp owner of a radio control-focused retail business. In addition to his retail space, he has four different race and challenge tracks on-premise and regularly hosts races and competitions. Experiential retail at its best.

…the visionary owner of multiple restaurants in Virginia, with unique menus and fabulous service that keep her customers coming back for more! She’s smart, creative, and brings an interesting perspective to a group of retailers.

…the knowledgeable partners who have created a progressive pet store in Michigan featuring natural, alternative health, and organic products as well as raw pet food. They are top-shelf operators who have methodically built one of the best-run stores anywhere. They are in the process of opening their second store.

…a second-generation, expert proprietor of a 75,000+ square-foot store that employs over 70 people. This member is renowned for offering a huge variety of items including gardening, lawn care, home decor, clothing, craft supplies, pet and livestock products, and hardware–all under one roof! Her business was also chosen for the Small Business Spotlight Program.*

…the owner and talented chef for a very successful store and bakery for pets. You would not believe how many pet birthday cakes she sends out every day! Her love for animals and baking combined has given her the title of Queen of Cakes in the pet world.

…the corporate retail refugee who built an incredibly innovative housewares, kitchenware, and gourmet foods store in North Dakota. While her online presence gives her national reach, her brick and mortar store serves as the anchor for her downtown.

…an independent pet store owner with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. When she became frustrated with the shallow pool of employees in her town, she built a robot to answer questions and help with operations. She’s super smart, determined, and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

…the innovative and resourceful owner of a busy and highly rated wellness spa in one of Michigan’s most popular tourist towns. She is known for her unique marketing events and has made creating exceptional experiences for clients her top priority.

…the devoted owner of a very successful, third-generation hobby store in Alaska. His store is well known for providing superior sales and service with integrity to budding and experienced hobbyists of all stripes.

…the engaging leader of a general/hardware store serving the needs of the islanders of Bermuda for generations. With a staff of over 80 people, this premier home center is the number one provider of lumber and general goods to their appreciative island community.

… the talented owner of a Virginia pet store. We love her quote, “Sometimes I feel like an event planner who does some retail on the side.” Her marketing includes regular promotions, co-hosting a radio show, and the production of specialty beers bearing her store’s name.

This is a perfect fit for me…

This might be just what I need and…

Here are all the details:

  1. We meet three times per year, for two and a half days each time. These meetings are intimate and intense. We share exactly what’s working in our businesses and what our challenges are. Plus, we brainstorm how to multiply the good stuff, and how to eliminate the bad stuff.
  2. Susan and I personally host the meetings and run the group. This means you have direct access to both of us. You get to tap into our collective 60 years of experience working in our own retail business, and from working with thousands of independent retailers like you.
  3. You and as many staff members as you care to bring may come to the Retail Success Summit absolutely free of charge and you’ll get priority seating. This is a great way to get your staff fired up and on the same page about how you’re thinking about your business!
  4. In the months when we’re not meeting, we have monthly Mastermind Calls where we stay in touch, and where you can tap into the wisdom of the group (including me and Susan!) in real-time.
  5. We have a Platinum Mastermind Group private Facebook page. Think about being able to ask for feedback on an idea or for help solving a problem and getting instant feedback from me, Susan, and all the other brilliant retailers who know you and your business intimately in your mastermind. This access is priceless.
  6. Three times a year you get a private, one-on-one check-in call with me or Susan. These calls are used for coaching, brainstorming, problem-solving, and accountability. Susan and I love to dig deep into your business to help you grow.

What is the investment?

Membership is $1,500 a month for 12 months. (Or, get two months FREE if you pay all at once.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an annual membership. This is not a “monthly subscription” program. We are only interested in people who are going to commit their time and energy to the group for the full year.

Important Note #2: If you would like your spouse or business partner to also be a member, the second person’s membership is only half price.

Important Note #3: This group is by invitation only and you have to apply to be considered.

The Platinum Mastermind Group is not for everyone…

The Mastermind experience is intense. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, challenged to think bigger and forced to think about things in new and interesting ways. If you are comfortable with things the way they are and aren’t looking for something bigger for yourself, the Platinum Mastermind Group is not for you.

The Platinum Mastermind Group is an investment. Not only do you invest in your membership you also invest in travel, and you invest your time. If your business doesn’t generate the cash to make the trips possible and your business can’t manage without you for a few days, the Platinum Mastermind Group is not for you.


If you are ready to invest in yourself and your future by challenging how you think, the way you run your business and your beliefs about running a successful business and you are ready to grow your sales and profits in ways you never considered before, joining the Platinum Mastermind Group will be one of the most interesting, stimulating and profit generating things you’ll ever do.

This is a perfect fit for me…

This might be just what I need and…


I look forward to seeing your application!




P.S. After looking this over, if you feel the Platinum Mastermind Group might be right for you, but you didn’t watch the members’ videos, you owe it to yourself to check them out. They describe the impact of this group way better than I ever could.

This is a perfect fit for me…

This might be just what I need and…