This Episode:​ The ‘Give 2 Get’ System To Grow Your Business

My ‘Give 2 Get’ System to grow your business asks, “What can I give to get what I want?” This goes back to the rule of reciprocity, meaning that when you give someone something they will feel the psychological need to reciprocate. This could mean fair pay for your employees or a loyalty rewards program for your customers. Integrating this system and way of thinking into your business will not only make it more fun, it will make it more profitable too.

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– Why your mindset – the way you are thinking about your business – could be sabotaging your success and how shifting to an investment mindset can unleash the growth you’ve been looking for.

– How to create a high-level customer loyalty program that rewards both of the most desired shopping behaviors and exponentially increases customer lifetime value.

– How to identify and maximize the huge opportunities opened up by the pandemic that have transformed independent retail… forever.

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