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Here’s the simple truth: Getting your whole sales team to ADD ON skillfully and consistently is the fastest, easiest way to increase your sales this holiday season.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the real numbers from 3 different stores – different sizes and different industries – and see how much extra they could be banking this year.

A Mid-Sized Toy Store: Last year this store did 4,767 transactions in November and December with an average sale of $30.87. Now, if their team brushed up on their selling skills and added on a $7.99 stocking stuffer to every third customer (not a far reach at all) that would add ~$2.50 to their average sale. Over two months they would add $11,917 to their Christmas totals – an 8% sales increase just by focusing on adding on!

A Large Hardware and General Store: This store rang 41,780 transactions last holiday season with an average sale of $45.94. If this store focused on selling skills and added that same, small increase of $2.50 to the average sale (even though their average sale is far larger than the toy store) it would add a whopping $104,450!

But I know that not every store can hit these kinds of numbers – even during the holiday season. So let’s take a look at a…

A Small Pet Boutique: In November and December last year this store rang 2,697 transactions and had a $37.11 average sale. By adding that same $2.50 increase through better skills at adding on and selling up this store owner could add an additional $6,742 in sales – a 7% increase in sales.

How much extra money could training your team to add on during every sale put in your cash register this holiday season… and beyond?

Unfortunately, consistently adding on to every sale is one area where many salespeople lack basic skills and understanding. It’s usually not that the associate doesn’t care, they just don’t know how to add on correctly. They don’t know what to suggest. They are afraid of being pushy or rude.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce the…

Add On Master Class

The Add On Master Class is the only program available that teaches you how to easily and efficiently get your team adding on with every single sale in less than an hour!

You’ll get…

A five-part video course that teaches YOU how to train your team exactly how to add on using our proprietary process. They’ll learn how to identify what add ons work with your merchandise and when they should be adding on during the sales process. And they’ll learn how important add ons are for customer satisfaction – so they’ll actually want to add on!

  • Lesson One: “Let’s Get Started” [Less than 6 minutes long.] You’ll learn about The Perfect Purchase. When your customer leaves your store with everything they want and need – and maybe some cool stuff they didn’t know they wanted or needed but are happy they got it anyway! Watching this video and starting to understand this simple concept is the beginning of a game-changing shift in the way they look at retail selling. They start to see how this customer-focused selling philosophy truly is the key to higher sales and happier customers.
  • Lesson Two: “Adding On During The Sale” [A little over 4 minutes long.] In this lesson, you’ll start to see how your investment in the Add On Master Class is going to make you LOTS of money. You’ll learn the two types of Add On techniques to use during the main part of the sale and how to think about “need to have” add ons and “nice to have” add ons and why applying both of these ideas is a tremendous way to build your average ticket and make your customers very happy!
  • Lesson Three: “Adding On At The Register” [Less than 5 minutes long.] There are three main things to look for when you choose the impulse items at your counter. Get one or two of these right and you’ll do ok. Get all three right and you’ll really start seeing the sales increases you want. In this lesson, you’ll learn how a client applied this skill and added over $10,000 to her holiday sales with just one item.
  • Lesson Four: “Using Your Awesome Add On Poster” [6 minutes long.] This full-sized, reusable poster is the secret sauce to training your team. Using the Awesome Add Ons poster gets your team thinking about adding on at a much, much deeper level. This poster keeps them mentally involved, keeps their heads in the game, and keeps them committed to adding on.
  • Lesson Five: “Next Steps” [Exactly 6:46 minutes long.] In this final lesson, you’ll learn how to track your team’s progress by watching a key retail selling statistic: “items per sale.” When you pay attention to something, your team will naturally pay attention to it.  By using the advice in this lesson you’ll keep your team excited to add on and you’ll get excited about all the extra cash in your bank account.

There you have it… five short lessons that will lead your team to add on mastery. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it can make you a lot of money.

But training alone isn’t enough, and so you’ll also get…

A full-sized, 18″ X 24″, laminated, dry erase poster that you can hang in your stockroom, break room, anywhere your team will see it, but your customers won’t. Using this “Awesome Add Ons” poster you and your staff will practice adding on, learn how to think about add ons, brainstorm add on ideas for bestsellers, and solve add on dilemmas for even the trickiest merchandise.

Just by using this poster every day, every week, your team will become add on masters and stay laser-focused on completing every sale with an add on!

It Works – Guaranteed.

We’ve been teaching add ons the way you’ll learn in the Add On Master Class for years, so we know the system works. Tens of thousands of retail salespeople have learned how to effectively add on… and they didn’t even have the amazing tool we’re including with the laminated poster!

Now is the time to train your team to add on. It works in the store. It works on the phone. It works on a Facebook Live broadcast.

Get your team in tip-top selling shape for the holidays. If they are slammed in your store already, it’s even more important to train them because they are working with your customers and probably leaving little piles of money on the sales floor.

But if for some reason this Add On Master Class isn’t for you, no problem. It has an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your investment, just call us and we’ll give you all of your money back.

And speaking of money…

It’s A Complete No-Brainer at Just $97!

We know for a stone-cold fact that effective adding on can increase your sales this holiday season – easily, quickly, and without a ton of work on your part.

The Add On Master Class is ONLY $97! Yep. It’s a rock-bottom, absolute no-brainer price. You need it. We want you to have it. BOOM.

And I have zero doubt that you can make back your $97 investment in this Master Class in just the first day you use it, maybe even on the very first sale!

Click below and be on your way to higher sales now!

Have any questions or want to place your order by phone? Just give us a call at 800-842-1660 and talk to the WhizBang! Team.

Ok, there you have it! Effective adding on makes the most of every scarce customer. The Add On Master Class helps you train and motivate your team to do it with a short, 5-lesson course and the laminated poster.

It’s easy! It works! It’s a no-brainer investment of just $97!

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a try – remember the 30-day guarantee – and you’ve got lots of money to gain.