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Get The Most From Your Store Merchandise Signs

Great signs will increase your sales, guaranteed. In fact, signs are one of the most important, least expensive sales and marketing tools you have at your disposal. It is one of the easiest ways to answer the customer question, “Do they have what I want to buy?”

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Retail Marketing – A Clear Call To Action

One of the biggest mistakes store owners make in their marketing materials is not giving a clear “call to action.” You can’t just hope that folks will read your postcard, visit your website, or see your Facebook ad and figure out for themselves what to do. As I’ve said before, hope is not a marketing strategy! Make sure that postcard, or webpage, or Facebook ad shouts “Hey! Do THIS!”

Here are 5 tips for creating an effective call to action:

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10 Retail Halloween Promotions

Even if you don’t carry a single piece of Halloween-y merchandise, you can still attract customers to your store with fun Halloween promotions. Here are ten ideas to get you started…

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