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TIP: Thinking Vs. Doing

Dear Tip of the Weeker,

Our good friend (and incredibly successful entrepreneur), Chris Knight, said something at a past meeting of the mastermind group we belong to that resonated strongly with me, and I think it is incredibly valuable for you, too. He said…

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“When you first start your business, the more you DO the more you make. But after you’ve been in business a while, there comes a time when the more you THINK the more you make. And since you can’t DO and THINK at the same time, you have to figure out ways to DO less and THINK more.”
It’s true, and it’s brilliant.

As the leader of your business – whether you’ve got one store and just a few employees or many stores and hundreds of employees – you must make time to think about your business. Here are some ways to help you do that:

  • Make a list of 3 things that you don’t enjoy doing in your business. Maybe it’s writing the schedule, receiving merchandise, designing the windows, or writing your email newsletter. Give those jobs to someone else (inside the company or outside) who loves doing those things. Spend the time you’ve freed up thinking.
  • Schedule some time for thinking on your calendar and find a special spot to do your thinking. Library, park, bar, road trip… it only has to work as a thinking spot for you! Count that appointment with yourself as important as any other on your calendar.
  • Get out and go to a conference (like the Retail Success Summit!) that forces you to take the time to think bigger and better about your business. When you get out of your business to work on your business amazing progress can be made.
  • Make a list of business books to read and give yourself some reading goals. Books are great prompts for deep thinking and force you to stop “doing” for a while.
  • Start or join a mastermind group. The time you spend thinking with your mastermind colleagues can be among the most profound and productive hours in your year. Being accountable to them helps force you to take the time to think.

What are your favorite techniques for carving thinking time out of your busy business life? Reply in the comments and let us know…

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