This Episode: Good Chicken

Just as a chef wants to find the best chicken to create the finest chicken dish, you must find the best people to build the best team.  This episode is titled “Good Chicken” and it may change the way you look at all your future prospective employees.

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Hey, I’m Bob Negen And in this episode of Real Retail TV, we’re going to talk about the similarities between creating a really good meal, a really good dish, and finding a really good employee. 

So if you’ve ever watched cooking shows, particularly the cooking shows where they feature world class chefs, the people who are doing it right like Chef’s Table. The chefs, they are creative geniuses. And they’re obsessive about the quality of the food and the freshness of the food. And they always show the chefs going to the fish market or going to the vegetable market. And they’re smelling the vegetables. 

They’re just really, really obsessing over getting the absolute finest ingredients, because without the finest ingredients, they can’t create the finest food. And the same thing holds true for you and your team. If you want to create a culture that’s filled with greatness if you want people who truly, truly work their very hardest and are as obsessed with giving your customers a great experience as you are obsessed, you have to think of food. 

So in our family, Susan and I like to cook. And there’s a joke in our family. And if you were to ask Sam or Joe, our two sons, what’s the secret to a good chicken dish, they would immediately answer, good chicken. If you want to make a good dish, you have to have great ingredients. 

And the very first time I introduce this as a staff development concept, everybody laughed. I didn’t know whether it would work or not. But I tried it, and everyone laughed. And every time I’ve presented this idea, this concept, since, it resonates. 

So the idea here is when you are interviewing somebody, ask yourself, are they good chicken? Because if they’re not good chicken, you’re not going to have a good chicken dish. If they don’t have the potential, if they’re not the right person for your job, you’re never going to be able to turn them into those people. You need to get the right people. You need to start with good chicken. 

So if you are interviewing somebody and they catch you smiling, it’s probably because from now on, you’re going to look at your applicants when you’re interviewing them and you’re going to look at them and you’re going to say, is this person good chicken? So I hope that you found that helpful. 

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