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The 6 Steps To The Perfect Purchase

The 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase is a selling system you can use in your store to increase sales and make your customers very happy.

Give Gift Certificates

Do you use coupons? Learn why you should stop using coupons and start using gift certificates as a powerful way to drive more traffic into your store.

The Retailer’s Time System

Does it seem like you are never caught up? Are you stressed by all the work that needs to be done? Use the Retailer’s Time System to keep your life organized and make time for yourself. 

Your Employee Manual

An employee manual can be a game changer in getting your business organized and on track. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple tool. 

The Importance Of Adding On

In this short story, Bob gives an example of how easy it can be to add on at the register and why doing so can make your customers very happy. 

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