This Episode: 3 Ways To Disaster-Proof Your Retail Business

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the unknown and unexpected can strike at any moment with unanticipated consequences. And it doesn’t take a global pandemic to create chaos in your business – there are plenty of more common but equally devastating occurrences that will do the job. In this episode of Real Retail TV taken directly from the 2020 [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit, you’ll learn 3 ways to prepare your business for when S%!# hits the fan.

Want to discover the remaining 6 ways to disaster-proof your business? Click below to get access to the replays of the entire event! It’s more than 15 hours of high-level strategic thinking about what‘s happening in retail right now and in-depth explorations of proven tactics with Bob and Susan Negen and 5 amazing guest speakers.

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