This Episode:​ Your Word Of The Year For 2024

This year, my guiding word is “choice.” I believe in the power of intentional decisions to shape our paths. Each day is an opportunity to make choices that lead to self-improvement and positive momentum. Embrace the idea that you always have the freedom to make a choice that can steer you toward a better you.

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Hey, it’s Bob Negen. And in this episode of Real Retail TV, we’re going to explore your word of the year for 2024. And I would encourage you to stick around to the end because at the end, I’m gonna be sharing a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for you, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

So the existentialist philosopher, Albert Camou, had a quote.

He asked himself, shall I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?

And although that question may seem rather morbid, it speaks to a very real truth. And that truth is that every minute of every day, you have choices. You are making choices.

So you should make good choices.

Jocko Willink, who is a who was a Navy seal commander and now is a famous leadership expert.

Had a great quote. He was talking about being a winner. And he said, you wanna be a winner?

Be a winner. Every moment of every day, you are making choices some of them are gonna make you a winner and some of them are going to make you a loser.

Choose the choice that will make you a winner. You know, there’s small choices you’re making all the time.

Should I pick up a snickers or should I pick up an apple?

Should I hit the snooze button or should I get up?

Should I take a walk or should I sit here and drink a glass of wine? You know, those are all choices. Good choices bring you closer to your goals. Bad choices, keep you where you are or even move you backwards.

And then there’s medium choices. How do you spend your evenings? Do you watch a Real Housewives of LA? Or do you maybe watch a master class on a topic that’s of interest to you?

Do you read a book? What do you do? Those medium choices? How do you spend your mornings?

How do you spend your evenings. Those are what I call, you know, sort of medium choices. Make a good choice.

Your life gets better. Make a bad choice. Your life stays where it is, or it gets worse.

And then there’s the big choices.

And the big choices are the ones that are a little scary.

You know, a big choice would be something like investing in the Retail Mastery System. Or choosing to get on a plane and come to the Retail Success Summit or choosing to hire a personal trainer and making a commitment to go see that person twice a week for the next quarter or the next six months. Those are the big decisions are big choices that make a huge difference in your life. But again, going back to it, make a good decision and your life starts to move forward.

Make a bad decision and you stay where you are or you go backwards.

Now here’s the thing, is that choices have momentum.

Whenever you make a little choice, that is a good choice, you get momentum. You don’t get that little hit of dopamine and that inspires you to do it again and inspires you to do it again pretty soon you have momentum.

We call it the upward spiral of prosperity.

Every time you show the courage to make a good choice, you get confidence. And confidence builds on itself. Right? It’s easier to go to the gym after you’ve been going every, you know, three times a week for two months or three months, and it is that first time. So what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to get momentum. We’re trying to build it. We’re trying to build out that upward spiral of prosperity.

Confident, courage, confidence, momentum.

You know, and there’s also a downward spiralist stagnation We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. You know, you make these choices. It’s a bad choice. You feel bad about making the bad choice. You start beating your about making a bad choice, and then you start beating yourself up about beating yourself up about the bad choice. That’s that downward spiral of stagnation.

Make good choices.

Now I know some of you or might be saying, yeah, Bob. That’s easy. It’s simplistic. It’s like drugs, just say no. You know, it’s a it’s a platitude, but I’m gonna look at you and tell you that it’s not. You know, I know, several people who have lost loved ones this year, outside of their control, have had business things things happen in their business outside of their control. Things happen in your life that are outside of your control.

And, yes, they are hard. Yes, they are difficult.

But you have a choice.

Always, always, always remember you have a choice. So Finally, to wrap this up, a good choice on January 24th at 3 o’clock, the Retail Marketing Club we’re opening up a meeting. Normally, it’s paid to be in the retail marketing club. We’re going to have a meeting that is open to everyone. Absolute free of charge. It’s going to be Five Clever Marketing Tactics For 366 Days Of Success, Your Leap Year Advantage.

It’s a leap year meeting of the Retail Marketing Club. It’s absolutely free. There’s a link down below. Check it out. You’ll love the Retail Marketing Club. So one more time 2024 is filled with choices. You have so many choices, so many choices. I really, really hope that 2024 is your year, and it starts with making good choices.

I’m Bob Negen. This is Real Retail TV. We’ll see you next week.