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TIP: 13 Retail Valentine’s Day Promotions

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day this year, have fun and be creative! Below is a list of 13 fast, fun marketing promotions you could do for Valentine’s Day this year…

retail valentine's promotion

13 Retail Valentine’s Day Promotions

  1. Give 20% off all red and pink merchandise. This is a super simple promotion that’s fun for boutiques, jewelry stores, shoe stores, women’s accessories stores, gift stores, fabric stores, cosmetics stores, and even “non-girlie” stores like outdoor outfitters, uniform stores, or golf shops. Post pictures of some on-sale pink and red merchandise in your newsletters and on your social media sites.
  2. Flower shops could offer a bounce-back coupon for a free single rose in March with the purchase of a dozen roses now. The single, unexpected rose in March is ultra romantic and will make the customer look like a hero!
  3. Create a “Romance Bundle.” It doesn’t have to be for traditional Valentine’s merchandise like flowers or lingerie – think about a trio of love story novels tied up with a pink bow, scented candles and body lotion in a pretty box, or the ingredients for a romantic dinner for two in a basket with wine. Be creative with your own merchandise.
  4. Partner with a local business. Connect with your fellow business owners and see if they will give you gift certificates to include in your romance bundles or as a gift with purchase. Try and find a “romantic” business like a day spa, a movie theater, a fine dining restaurant, a florist, or a candy shop.
  5. Host a “Cupid’s Kegger” and invite the men in to shop for their special gal. Ok, you don’t have to call it a “kegger,” but you get the idea – make it a manly party, especially if you have a very girlie store. Bribe the guys with beer and munchies, give them idea lists to get their shopping started, and don’t forget to pre-wrap lots of add-on gifts. The easier you can make it for the fellas, the more you will sell. The more fun you make it, the more likely they are to show up with a friend.
  6. Boys like bouquets, too! Instead of flowers, put together a tool bouquet for the new homeowner, a golf club bouquet, a bouquet of cigars for the aficionado, a bouquet of grilling utensils, or a fishing lure bouquet for the outdoorsman. The fun part of this is wrapping it up in cellophane, tissue, and ribbon to make it look like a bouquet and promoting it as a bouquet.
  7. Spin to Win! Rent a “Wheel of Fortune” style spinning wheel and make Cupid’s arrow the pointer. Let everyone spin once when they make a purchase or give them one additional spin for every $100 they spend. (Or $50, or $250 – the amount depends on the price point in your store.) Fill the slots on the wheel with prizes big and small — partner gift certificates, chocolate kisses, small tchotchkes, one really good prize, and one “broken heart” for a miss.
  8. 50 Shades of Pink… Do an all pink window display with merchandise and props in shades from hot pink to the palest seashell. Put a “50 Shades of Pink…” sign in the window or write it on the window with vinyl lettering. It’s a slightly racy reference to the book that will make everyone curious enough to stop in!
  9. Send Valentine’s Day Cards to your customers. Why? Because you love them. Send a card that expresses your gratitude and affection – no pitch, no push. Just a pure sentiment. At Valentine’s Day, it won’t get lost in a stack of Christmas cards and will be that much more appreciated. Love your customers, the money will follow.
  10. Give to the American Heart Association. Donate a certain percentage of your sales from February 14th to the AHA. You could even throw an after-hours party benefiting the American Heart Association. This is a great opportunity for publicity. And a great opportunity to do some good!
  11. Bring a photo booth to the store and stock it will all kinds of props – from romantic, to sexy, to silly. Think feather boa, Cupid’s bow and arrow, heart-shaped glasses. Let the customers play around and take photos to print out and use as a card for their Valentine’s Day purchase.
  12. Run a “LOVE” Facebook Contest. Offer a prize and ask your fans to complete the sentence “I love [your store name] because…” by posting a comment. Pick a winner at random by entering the total number of comments received into a random number generator.  For a contest with more heft (and probably a bigger prize) ask your fans to take and post a selfie either with your merchandise or in your store and saying why they love you.
  13. Give a funny, or sexy, or romantic gift with purchase. The gift could be silly or serious. It could be a can of whipped cream, (for your Valentine’s Day dessert – what were you thinking?) two chocolate truffles, those silly wax lips, beautiful temporary tattoos with hearts and lovebirds, or a mini size of perfume.
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