How To Run A Holiday Preview Sale

Want to learn another great way to beef up profits in your retail store? Discover how to run a holiday preview sale to maximize your holiday sales and generate some extra cash this fall!

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Case Study with David Garofalo

Bob talks with David Garofalo, owner of two guys smoke shop in Nashua, NH. In this retail case study, David describes his huge promotional event for their premium cigar store.

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Retail Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These 7 Retail Marketing Mistakes? As an independent retail store owner you have to wear LOTS of hats – including Chief Marketing Officer. Check to see if you might be making one of these common Retail Marketing Mistakes.

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Marketing vs Selling

Although related, marketing and selling are NOT the same thing. Discover how knowing the difference between both marketing and selling can make for a huge positive impact in your retail store.

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Store Closing Time

Retail Fail – Episode 227: Locked and Goaded: Will the customer make it before store closing time? Will the employee get to go home early? It’s a race to the finish line! What we do know is you can’t sell anything through a locked door…

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Store Signage

Retail Fail – Episode 245: The Sound of Signage – Video – No, no, NO! This poor fella just can’t seem to do anything right. Maybe he should read the store signs… Or maybe the snarky signs have got to GO! Great store signage can influence your customers in a positive way. Poor stoor signage is influencing too, maybe not the way you want it to be. How is your store signage affecting your customers’ experience?

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Get Customers Retail Video

Using gift certificates is my favorite recommendation to get customers into your store at little to no cost. Here’s my response to a survey taken by some of our retailers about their marketing skills.

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Customer Relationships

You can use electronic marketing to build an “emotional bank account” with your customers. Learn exactly how to think about social media and electronic marketing so you can create customer relationships that encourage people to shop with you.

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Christmas Promotion Idea

Looking for a sure-fire winner of a promotion for this holiday season? Have a “12 Days of Christmas” sale! This easy and fun Christmas promotion idea is a great way to stay in front of your customers during the last couple of weeks in that all-important shopping season.

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