This Episode:​ One Marketing Tip Every Retailer Should Know

If I could offer one marketing tip to every retailer I know, it would be to create a marketing book. Not only can a marketing book help you document what’s working and what’s not, but it can also add value to your business when the time comes to sell it or pass it along to the next generation. Approaching your marketing with intentionality leads to perpetual improvement.

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Hey, it’s Bob Negen, and in this episode of Real Retail TV, I’m gonna share with you one of the most valuable marketing tips you are ever going to receive.

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So right now, today is the last day.

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So registered today. Today’s the last day. To get the five hundred dollar savings. So having said that, what is this super top level top shelf marketing tip.

It’s this. Create a marketing book. You see, there’s this idea of if it ain’t written, it ain’t real.

And so so many retailers, and I know this was I was guilty of this for years and years and years. What happens? What is marketing? Marketing is a series of promotions.

It’s lurch from this thing to that thing. You post consistently on social media for a little while, and then it goes away for a little while. You have a promotion when you need cash, when things are good, you don’t do anything.

There’s no strategy. There’s no consistency.

There’s no continuity.

And so a marketing book is simply a three ring binder Yes. You can do this digitally, but I’m old school. I like a three ring binder. And every time you do something, you print it and you put it into the book.

You send an email. You print out the email and you right in the results. What was the open rate? What was the click rate?

Were there any sales generated if you’re selling online because of it? If you do social media posts, and I hope you do, what did they look like for the week? Your promotions calendar, when you have a promotion, your promotions planner.

That sheet should be in your book. What did you plan? How did you plan it? And a promotions recap form should go in the book. This is another little secret sauce for you. Every time you do a promotion before you leave the store, assuming it’s a one day promotion, if it’s a multi day promotion, right away immediately after the promotion is done. Get together with your team and say, what worked?

What didn’t?

What can we do next year? What shouldn’t we do next year? Is this a promotion that we can maybe double down on? So if we’re doing it once this year, can we do it twice this year? Is this a promotion that we just perhaps should drop?

But when you think about what you’ve done and reflect on it in almost real time, The truth about your perception is much more tangible than if you wait even a day or two, to talk about it with your team. So if you’ve been to the retail success summit, you see the whiz bang training team tear down our boat, tear down all of our stuff. Do we go home? I mean, it’s been a big couple of days for us.

We’re tired. Do we go home? No. We go walk right across the street. We have dinner together, almost always at reserve, a restaurant right across the street.

We sit down, we order a cocktail, and then we say, what worked? Everybody goes around the room. What didn’t work? Everybody goes around the room.

What do we need to do next year? Everybody brainstorms ideas. And the best little ideas come out of that immediate reflection on what we did. You know, Sheila Duda is a member of the Platinum Mastermind Group, and Sheila came up to me after her first retail success summit.

And she said, you know, Bob, I have to tell you. I have been a corporate meeting planner for fifteen. I don’t remember how many years before she opened her store. T’lula.

And she said, this is one of the best run events I have ever attended.

Now we are not a company of professional meeting planners, but we are a company that gets better every single year. And you know why we get better every single year It’s because of that recap. What worked? What didn’t?

What will we do differently next year? Do we need to double down? Just thinking about it. You know, one of the opportunities for you as a retailer as a as an entrepreneur.

Shoot. As a person is the idea that you sit down and when you approach what you do with intentionality on the front end and reflection on the back end. It leads to perpetual improvement.

It leads to growth.

So if you want to be a better marketer, build the marketing book, That way after your first year with a marketing book, what do you do? Next year, you pull out your marketing book And you say, what did I do last year? And that becomes the beginning of next year’s plan.

I just can’t overestimate, emphasize how important what I just shared with you is to your marketing.

So if you want a great head start on your marketing plan for twenty twenty four, register today. Power Promotions is on sale today is the last day. Only four hundred and ninety seven dollars. A coupon code is POWER24.

I’d love to see you there. So, if you liked what you heard, if you have a marketing book, if you’re using now. Put your put something about it in the comments below. If you have any questions about what a marketing book looks like or how it can be used.

Put it down in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you, and we’ll see you next week.