This Episode:​ A Holiday Mantra For More Joy, Fun, & Money!

The holidays are filled with craziness, especially for retail store owners. In this episode of Real Retail TV, I unveil a mantra that has significantly improved my days. It’s remarkable how a simple mantra and intention setting can positively impact your mood and peace of mind.

Another excellent technique I’ve covered in a Real Retail TV episode is the B.A.M. method—breathe, acknowledge, and move on. Click the link below to watch the next episode and experience a much more relaxed remainder of your busy holiday season.

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Hey, it’s Bob Negen, and in this holiday episode of Real Retail TV, I’m gonna share with you a simple mantra that will bring you more joy fun, and money.

So what is this mantra?

How can you make a statement that will bring you more joy fun and money? And a mantra is merely a saying that you repeat to yourself whenever it’s applicable.

And one of the things is if you’ve been watching these for any amount of time, you know that one of my success habits is journaling.

And in the last few months, I have found myself journaling this intention in the morning.

This intention is that I will be present, patient, and positive. Now the all of a sudden, so I’ve been, you know, I mean, when something starts to stick with me, I stay with it. Right? It just makes sense.

And so I found myself writing that more and more often, particularly days that I felt like I might feel challenged If it’s a super busy day, if it’s a day filled with a lot of meetings, you know, this idea of I need to have a mantra to ground my self.

And by starting my day with that intention, by having that mantra in my pocket, so to speak, if I find myself getting frustrated going back to that mantra, I don’t need to say it out loud. I just need to say it to myself. It really helps me regulate my mood now.

The holidays are filled with craziness.

And there is a tendency to let a bad situation, a bad moment, a bad customer, a bad experience with somebody on your team. To spiral out of control. Right? All of a sudden, that idea, you know, that your employee, that member of your team doesn’t do something you ask them to do correctly, and you become frustrated.

And rather than letting it go, you become more and more frustrated. You know, I, am going to put a link to another episode of Real Retail TV called, a a simple technique for stressed out retailers and it’s the idea of B.A.M. Breat acknowledge, move on. And B.A.M. is how you react in the moment.

So if you have a problem customer, acknowledge how you feel and move on. So bam is how you deal with thus a, frustrating situation in the moment present.

Patience and positive is how you deal with it as a day or it as a season.

So I’m just encouraging you. If you, are in front of your computer a lot, maybe put it on a sticky note. Put it right there on your screen. So whenever you start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, present.

Be in the moment.


Right? So, you know, be positive.

Always look at the bright side. Always see things with gratitude and patient.

Be patient. It’s the holidays. You don’t know what’s going on. In people’s lives. But present, patient, and positive is a mantra that you can use throughout this holiday season to, again, have more joy to be in the moment, to recognize how much joy you are bringing to the world with your store to be proactive about feeling great about what’s happening in your store.

And with yourself, with your team, and with your customers. So I hope that you found that helpful. I know that when I use that mantra for myself, it makes my day a lot, lot better. And if it’s making my day better, I’m hoping that it’ll help you make your day better too.

We’re coming down the stretch during the holidays Don’t be stressed out. Don’t be sad. Don’t be mad. Be present.

Be positive.

Be patient.

I’m Bob Negen. Good luck this week. We’ll talk next week.