Are You Ready To Use Your Hard Earned Retail Experience To Help Other Retailers Thrive?

Dear Store Owner,

Maybe it’s the quiet, but insistent voice inside your own head urging you to take the next step…

Maybe it’s the loud clamoring of other store owners asking you to share the secrets that have made you so successful…

Or maybe you’re just a tiny bit bored because you’ve got your store running on rails…

No matter what the reason, you KNOW that you’re ready to expand your impact (and help other retail store owners stop struggling and start having fun), extend your influence (and become a sought-after leader in your industry and your city), and increase your income (all while “doing good” in the world at the same time.)

In other words, you’re a lot like I was when Susan and I started WhizBang! Training.

Congratulations! It’s an exciting place to be. And possibly a little bit scary. And probably pretty overwhelming.

I get it.

Sure, over the last 20 years Susan and I have helped tens, even hundreds of thousands of store owners build better businesses, but in the beginning, it was HARD. We knew how to run a successful retail business, but we knew nothing about being retail trainers and coaches.

We had to start from scratch. Make it all up. Figure it all out. Struggle. (There’s that word again…) Well, our mission is to STOP the struggle. So if you’re ready to take the leap, we’re ready to help.

Become a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach!

You don’t have to start from scratch… when you become a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach, we will teach you the systems, processes, products, and presentations that have worked for us for nearly 20 years and have helped us impact many thousands of retailers.

At the end of the initial certification training, you’ll be confident, prepared, and ready to help other store owners – and you’ll have a complete roadmap for starting your own retail coaching business.

You’ll get everything you need to:

  • Speak at public or private events and deliver the training programs we have developed and refined over the years. You don’t have to write the program or create the PowerPoint – it’s already been done for you!

  • Coach one-on-one with clients using the tools and processes we’ve created over the last 20 years. Having access to these processes will cut years off your learning curve!

  • Lead retail mastermind groups for store owners and managers using the proprietary systems and content we developed specifically for retail stores.
  • Offer the WhizBang! suite of products and earn commissions without the time, hassle, and expense of having to develop, produce, or deliver the goods. You’ll be able to offer everything we offer and make money on every product you sell! 

And you’ll join the ranks of the 30+ coaches who have already completed the certification training. This group of amazing, successful retailers will be there (along with me and Susan) to support you, encourage you, and answer your questions as you begin this new phase of your career.

You won’t be alone!

Hear what three of our current coaches have to say…

Get an idea in the retail mastermind

“I love being a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach! After selling my Quilt Shop I dove head first into growing my coaching business. With the tools I got from Bob and Susan I am building Retail Profit Makers into a successful business that I love, I can grow, and gives me unlimited income potential.

Cathy McKillip
Retail Profit Makers
Certified August 2018

Get an idea in the retail mastermind

“The best thing about being a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach is knowing that I have a strong platform from which to pass along my knowledge to help other retailers. My very first client ended our strategy session by saying, ‘This was even better than I thought it would be.’ It felt GREAT.”

Kim Mitchell
Catapult Retail Coaching, Boston, MA
Certified February 2019

Get an idea in the retail mastermind

“The best thing about being a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach is helping people. My most rewarding moment so far was when my first paying client shared with me how much money they had made from my suggestions. It felt SO GOOD to know that my ideas paid off for them in a BIG WAY and that they were so happy! I knew then that I was not an impostor. I have real knowledge that can truly help people.”

Cris Willis
Retail Clarity Consulting, Cummings, GA
Certified October 2018

In an early certification class, one of the newly-minted coaches had a sudden epiphany about the power of this program and exclaimed, “It’s like we’re a WhizBang! Army of great retailers!” Yep, together we are much more powerful than we are alone. In essence, our WhizBang! Certified Retail Coaches are out there, helping us spread the “WhizBang! Way” of positive, proactive retailing in every place where they have influence.

And there are so many retailers out there who are struggling and need your help.

FAQs and the Nitty-Gritty Details

If you’re really serious about this, you probably have a ton of questions like, “Would I have to give up running my store?” “How would I make money doing this?” and “What will I actually get in the training?”

If that’s you, click here to download and read the COMPLETE FAQ. It will answer all those questions and many, many more.

When & Where

The next certification training is scheduled for August 23-26, 2022 at our offices in Grand Haven, Michigan. 

We begin at 9:00 am Eastern Time and try to end the first three days by 5:30 pm, but often the participants will go out to dinner together to continue the learning and networking. On the last day, we will wrap up no later than 2 pm so folks who want to fly out can catch a flight that evening. When you register we will send you complete details on travel and give you suggestions on where to stay.

Space is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.
Current seats available: 11

This is intensive training so we keep the classes small and intimate. Two of the previous certification classes sold out, so if you know you want to join the ranks of the WhizBang! Certified Coaches, don’t wait too long to sign up. Just scroll down and click “Register Now.”

How much?

We’ve packaged up the best of what we’ve learned and created over the past 20 years – the stuff that WORKS – and put it all into a plan you can use to immediately start your own coaching business, immediately start making extra income. It’s like shaving years and years off your learning (and earning) curve.

Honestly, we’ve way underpriced this program because it fits our personal mission of creating maximum positive impact for independent retailers. We just want to fill the ranks of the WhizBang! Army spreading the WhizBang! Way!

Which is why the licensing fee and initial certification training is just $5,000. This includes the 4-day training, and the license to use our designated proprietary content, processes, systems, tools, and speeches.

But all it takes is $500 to save your seat!

The balance will be charged on August 1st, or we can work with you on a monthly payment plan. Hey, we understand cash flow can be tight so we will work with you to make it happen.

What Next?

Simple. Just tell us how you’d like to proceed. Maybe you know for sure that this is the right thing for you. Great, click the green button to register now and put down your $500 to save one of the eleven remaining seats. Or maybe you have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ. Just click the orange button to send me an email.

This is a perfect fit for me…

I’m intrigued and…

When I asked some of the current coaches what they would tell someone like you who is considering becoming a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach, Kim Mitchell (with a nod to Nike!) said this:

“JUST DO IT. People need our help.”

And I really can’t say it any better than that. They need you. I need you. If you’re ready – take action!

P.S. If you’re even slightly intrigued by this opportunity I encourage you to download the FAQ, pop open your favorite beverage, and give it a read. Or give us a call in the office at 800-842-1660 if you want to talk it over. When you’re ready, click the button to register – but don’t wait too long because there are only 12 seats available per training!

This is a perfect fit for me…

I’m intrigued and…

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