Meet the WhizBang! Retail Training Team

Bob always says, “Hire for Attitude, Teach Skills.” We were lucky enough to recruit top-notch attitudes AND skills in each of our team members.

Aubrey Tell

Business Operations Manager


Aubrey started at WhizBang! Training in the summer of 2008 as a college intern. Over the years she has done a little bit of everything at WhizBang! Retail Training from our event planning to sales and marketing. Now she’ll use that institutional knowledge to help keep things running on rails.

Belinda Clark-Reid

Client Relationship Manager


Belinda comes to us with a solid background in the “people business” of teaching and retail. Having grown up in the Grand Haven area, she is no stranger to the hectic and exciting world of retail and tourism. She has experience in the employment staffing industry and elementary education. She is very passionate about inspiring people through education and helping individuals achieve their goals. Belinda handles most customer care calls and email correspondence as well as social media for WhizBang! Training. She is committed to providing excellent professional service in a friendly manner!

Paige Tober

Event Planner & Office Assistant


Paige comes to us with a strong entrepreneurial background and was a past retail store owner herself! She has a passion for customer experience and details. Paige will be handling our event planning and will help keep our office running smoothly.

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, open-minded, resourceful, and encouraging: That’s the WhizBang! Team. I have to give you kudos for a very personal touch. You guys are awesome and the best example of WHAT TO DO and WHAT WORKS for indie retailers.

Carroll Nystrom

Woodcraft, Toledo, OH

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