Retail Operations Video

Make Your Retail Store Operations Run SmoothlyUse an Opening and Closing Store ChecklistUsing an opening and closing store checklist in your retail organization is one of the the easiest ways to improve your store operations.  Watch this video to learn how this...

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Taking Store Inventory

The inventory of merchandise in your store is probably the biggest asset in your business as well as your biggest business expense. Knowing exactly how much and exactly what you own is the first step in learning how to control your inventory. And great inventory management is your key to higher profits! Here are three ways having an accurate inventory count will help you improve profits.

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Store Closing Time

Retail Fail – Episode 227: Locked and Goaded: Will the customer make it before store closing time? Will the employee get to go home early? It’s a race to the finish line! What we do know is you can’t sell anything through a locked door…

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Store Signage

Retail Fail – Episode 245: The Sound of Signage – Video – No, no, NO! This poor fella just can’t seem to do anything right. Maybe he should read the store signs… Or maybe the snarky signs have got to GO! Great store signage can influence your customers in a positive way. Poor stoor signage is influencing too, maybe not the way you want it to be. How is your store signage affecting your customers’ experience?

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Assortment Planning Tip

Retail Fail – Episode 101: Short Supply – Video – Who needs this assortment planning tip? Apparently this store. Best sellers? Bah, humbug! Who needs to stock the colors and sizes customers want? Not this store…

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Small Business Tips

If you are like most store owners and small business people we speak to, you are feeling a little (or maybe more than a little) nervous about the future of your business and the business community you belong to. And with good reason. Some businesses won’t make it through …

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Winter Store Tip

Retail Fail – Episode 347: Winter Blunderland – Video – This video winter store tip shows: Mountains of snow. Icy slick sidewalks. Can this customer overcome all obstacles? Will she actually make it to the store? Or is there a trip to the emergency room in her future…

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Marking Down Merchandise

Marking down merchandise is just a fact of doing business. Here are merchandise management tips so you can learn how to take markdowns wisely and minimize their impact on your retail store.

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Store Music

Retail Fail – Episode 189: Noisy Toysy – Video – Huh? Whaaat? Can’t hear you…. This retailer is just ridiculous, NOT rockin’! Store music can set a great mood in your store but done incorrectly it can be disastrous

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Customer Friendly Policies

Customer friendly policies in your store is the key to having customers come back. Give your customers a great experience with customer friendly policies. This video will show you how.

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The Retail Mastery System

The Retail Sales Academy

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