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You love your store and are proud of what you’ve created – a great team, a beautiful space, terrific products, a wonderful reputation in your community, super loyal customers, and some money in the bank.

You should be proud; you do have a great business!

But, if you’re like many of the most successful store owners we’ve worked with, lurking just under the surface there’s another truth…

A more ugly truth.


Maybe you’re working 60+ hours a week, rarely take two days off in a row, and haven’t gone on vacation in a couple of years.

Maybe the grind of trying to do everything yourself – or to get people doing what they are supposed to do – is making you edgy and irritable.

Maybe the pressure of making every decision and trying to figure it all out on your own has you on the verge of burning out.

Maybe the fun of having your own store is wearing thin.

If that’s you, if you love your business but sometimes feel overwhelmed, overworked, frazzled, and frustrated, there is good news….

You can get control of your business.

It doesn’t seem to make sense, but here’s the truth… you can have a thousand great ideas for promotions, hire the best people, bring in the best visual merchandisers and store planners, generate a solid profit, and still not feel in control.

The feeling of control comes from having a plan. A plan that sees the whole picture, but especially the end result you want. And it is the one advantage that nobody ever seems to talk about.

When you get perfectly clear about what you want to do with your business and have the tools to help you get there your path becomes straighter and your business becomes a lot more fun.

You see, you deserve to feel in control. You deserve the profits that come from being in control. You deserve to take longer, better vacations. You deserve to sleep better at night. You deserve peace.

Calm. Confident. In control!

Happy Store Owner with Tablet

In fact, we watched some of our best store owners use this process to build more solid businesses, higher profits, and get the freedom and the peace of mind which comes from knowing that you are in control of your business.

We knew we had to share it.

That’s why we created the Master Plan Advantage: 5 Pillars To A Stronger Business.

This program isn’t long and fancy. In fact, it’s simple and straightforward. Do the work and experience the difference.

After going through the program you will truly have an advantage. You’ll have the advantage of clarity. You’ll know exactly where you’re going and you’ll have the tools to get you there.

The Master Plan Advantage includes 5 video lessons…

  1. Your Retail Vision Clarifier – to help you understand exactly what you really want from your business. Once you have a crystal clear, super compelling picture of what your ideal business looks like you will feel an almost unstoppable energy to go make it happen.
  2. The Retail Accountability Blueprint – to help you stabilize your business and identify everything that needs to get done. When everyone knows who is supposed to do what you’ll spend more time doing what you love and a lot less time putting out fires.
  3. Defining Your Superpower Team – to help you get everyone on your team doing their best work. When you’re all using your own superpowers getting stuff done is easier, faster, and better.
  4. The Peace of Mind Planning Process – to turn your ideas into action and your vision into reality. This is the exact process we use here at WhizBang! Retail Training and I can tell you for a fact it works!
  5. Managing Your Company with Meetings – to set a consistent rhythm for coming together as a team to set objectives, check in on progress, or ask for help. Meetings can work magic if you use them correctly!

There it is. It’s simple, straightforward, yet incredibly powerful.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and overworked or if you already have a wonderful business and are just looking for another edge to become even better, the Master Plan Advantage has something important for you.

Thanks to WhizBang! Retail Training my business is serving us. We are currently on week two of three in Europe, and because of the Master Plan Advantage business is still great, as our employees are focused on making the numbers.

Todd and Chrissy Anderson

RC Excitement, Fitchburg, MA

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and overworked, or if you already have a wonderful business and are just looking for another edge to become even better, the Master Plan Advantage has something important for you.

Thank you for the Master Plan Advantage. It was exactly what I needed to get this year underway, and I firmly believe it’s a big part of why I feel more in control of the uncontrollable – I have a plan for the next few years and some concrete strategies to get there.

Morgan Harris

The Green Bambino, Oklahoma City, OK