Retail Has Changed Forever, And The Opportunities Are AMAZING!

Registration For The 2022 Marketing Mentor Program is Now Closed

Dear Store Owner,

You don’t have to be told that the last two years have been an immense challenge and a time of incredible change for you as an independent retailer. You lived it. And you made it!

And that is a really, really impressive accomplishment.

Yes, there are still problems with the supply chain, the labor market is, shall we say, complicated, and that horrible virus still is around…

But independent retail is experiencing a tailwind as I’ve never seen in my over forty years running a store and working with store owners like you.

People want to shop with you. They want the kind of experience they can only get from an independent. They want to support their local businesses.

Which is why now is the time to make a plan to keep the momentum going.

It’s why Susan and I are so excited to announce the 2022 session of…

The Marketing Mentor Program

Before the pandemic, your marketing was focused almost entirely on driving people into your store. But the world has changed. Your customers want things to be easier, faster, more fun, more personal.

We have moved into the omni-experiential future of retail and there’s no going back, no putting the genie back inside the bottle.

Expectations are up, loyalty is down.

That’s why this new session of the Marketing Mentor Program is SO EXCITING and SO VITAL. You must evaluate every part of your marketing through a new and different lens…

  • Getting new customers in new, exciting ways,
  • Developing deep, meaningful (and profitable!) relationships,
  • Using social media more creatively,
  • Creating a vibrant community of raving fans,
  • Planning blended (virtual and in-store) events and promotions that generate more buzz and more sales,
  • Using your website to generate deeper loyalty and LOTS more sales,
  • Building rock-solid loyalty,
  • Communicating and connecting in ways that weren’t even possible pre-pandemic,
  • Driving traffic to your store or to your website, on-demand,
  • Creating the desire to buy,
  • and SO much more!

Your marketing needs a NEW strategic focus and a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to increasing sales and profits. It’s not just discounting. It’s not just social. It’s not just advertising. It’s not just e-commerce. It’s not just special events.

It’s ALL of it working together in a coordinated way that gives you super-sized results.

Whether your marketing plan needs a tiny tweak, requires a complete overhaul, or has yet to be created… the 2022 Marketing Mentor Program is for you!

As a member of the Program, you’ll get…

  • 4 days of focused learning, thinking, and PLAN BUILDING taking place on January 11-14, 2022 from 12 noon to 5 pm Eastern time. In this LIVE, VIRTUAL event you will discover the right strategies for your business, choose the right combination of marketing tactics, and put together a new marketing plan that will reflect the omni-experiential transformations happening right now.In this very interactive format, you’ll have access to me, Susan, and the brilliant marketing minds of your classmates. We may do hotseats, deconstruct successful (or unsuccessful) promotions, review websites, critique copy, and of course, we will answer your questions.Let me be your Marketing Mentor!
  • A fully integrated and thoughtful Marketing Plan. If you are focused and do the work with us, you will have a fully outlined plan (although probably not fully fleshed out with every detail in place) at the end of our four days together.This plan is the foundation of every marketing plan you will write for years to come. Writing the first plan is always the hardest, after that, every annual plan is a series of tweaks to your last plan – some new stuff, get rid of some things that didn’t work, make things work smoother – but essentially you work with the same plan!
  • Your marketing plan template, organizers, swipe files, forms, checklists, and discovery exercises you can share with your team. These are practical, useful tools you can use and re-use for many years in the future.
  • The magic of the “mastermind” that happens when you get a group of smart, dedicated, focused business owners gathered together to accomplish a mission. I don’t know exactly how it happens; I only know that it does. EVEN VIRTUALLY! You’ll be working in small groups to solve problems, share ideas, give support, and give advice. You may even meet your new retail BFF!

Here it is in a nutshell… When you have the right plan, driving traffic making money is stunningly simple.

But you must have the right plan. And that is what you will build in the Marketing Mentor Program. The right plan for your business. A plan that fits your current bandwidth. A plan that highlights your strengths as a marketer.

The right plan for you!

So, how much??

And speaking of price, you’re probably wondering what the investment is in the Marketing Mentor Program. Well, for several years the only way we offered this program was LIVE, hosted it in our offices in Grand Haven and it cost…


Plus, you had to pay for travel and meals. And it was a great investment at that price… so many folks had had breakthrough moments and created plans that generated 10X, 20X, even 50X the investment.

But, because we are now able to replicate this same in-person-style event with virtual meeting technology, we are thrilled to be able to offer the 2022 Marketing Mentor Program for just…


Honestly, it’s a no-brainer.

  • You’ll get 4 awesome days with us building your NEW marketing plan, considering all the NEW ways you’ll need to connect with your customers.
  • You’ll get to meet and mastermind with some of the most amazing retailers anywhere in the world.
  • You’ll get the templates, forms, and checklists to make it easy to build your plan.
  • If you show up and do the work, you’ll have a solid marketing plan outline that you will use for years to come.

Plus, you’ll get our…

Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

It’s simple. If, by the end of the first day of the event, you don’t think it’s worth every penny, if you don’t think what you’ve learned will increase your sales by at least 10X your investment in the program, or if you’re just not happy with it for ANY REASON – let me know and I will refund ALL your money PLUS $500.

BOOM. There you have it.

Every reason in the world to register NOW with absolutely no risk on your part.

I’m confident that we have a crystal clear understanding of what the future looks like and how you, as an independent retailer, can take advantage of the incredible opportunities that are out there for the people who see them clearly and plan for them correctly.

Let me be your Marketing Mentor. I promise I will hold nothing back and do everything I can to help you get the success you deserve.

Or call us toll-free at 800.842.1660 and register by phone. Be sure to leave a message if we are not available and we’ll honor the sale price!

I look forward to working with you!


Bob Negen

P.S. I realize that the Marketing Mentor Program is not right for everyone. This program is meant only for retailers who are serious about the future of their business.

If you want to keep doing the same old things, this isn’t the program for you. If you want me to do all the work for you and send you a completed plan tied up in a bow, this isn’t the right program for you either. If you want to spend twenty-nine dollars to get tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in return, you’re not in the right place.

But if you are ready to embrace the future with clarity and confidence, do yourself a favor and sign up right now.

Whether your marketing plan needs a tiny tweak, requires a complete overhaul, or has yet to be created… the 2022 Marketing Mentor Program is for you!