Retail Inventory Management Consultants

Having and using the right plan to manage your inventory has a HUGE impact on your sales, profits, and cash flow. However, the vast majority of the retailers we work with have no plan, no idea of how to create a plan, and no desire to crunch the numbers and do the nitty gritty of working the plan. 

This is where Management One comes in. They will work with you to create an Open To Buy Plan for your store and their affiliates will work with you to ensure that your plan is up to date, being used correctly and, most importantly, is making you money!

Don’t think of this service as an expense. It is an investment. Management One has a benchmark to return at least two dollars to you (in increased profits and cash flow) for every dollar you invest in their service.

The question is not “can I afford this?”  The question is “can I afford NOT to do this?”

Think about it for a moment… you take a critical job off your plate, get it done by a professional and make more money at the same time.  Plus, it frees up your time to do other things, the things you love to do, in your store.

We have heard nothing but great things about Management One from all of our clients who are using them and give them, and their service, our highest recommendation.

Call 888.921.6663 for a FREE analysis of your business to see if Management One is right for you. Remember to let them know WhizBang! Training sent you.

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