Learn How To Attract Your Next Retail Superstar!

How to get new employees with a red hot help wanted ad

Are you tired of using pricey help wanted ads and getting no results?  

Then you need our downloadable guide,  How To Write A Red-Hot Help Wanted Ad: A Step by Step To Attracting Your Next Superstar.

It teaches our proven formula to help you recruit quality job candidates for your store. No more wasted time wading through applications from people who just won’t fit. Get the right applicants the first time with this e-book.

In this e-book you’ll get:

  • A real life case study of two help wanted ads for sales positions in retail stores. They ran on the same weekend in the same newspaper and one drew zero responses, and one got 11! We’ll deconstruct the differences and look at what made the one work and the other one flop.
  • 7 steps for writing the copy you’ll need for your ad. This is critical! The words you use will determine the kind of candidates that will answer your ad. When you’re done with these 7 copywriting steps you’ll have everything you need to start putting the ad together.
  • Sample ad copy for a variety of different industries. You’ll get lots of different ideas, models, and examples to springboard your own creative thinking.
  • The tried and true template for combining the copy you’ve written into a killer help wanted ad. Just plug in your words and Bingo! You’ve got your ad.
  • 10 creative (and little-to-no cost!) ways to use your new want ad to get the maximum number of highly qualified candidates.

Stop wasting lots of money on help wanted ads that don’t work, save tons of time and frustration trying to come up with an ad that does work, and best of all, actually start bringing superstar employees into your business. A staff full of superstar employees is the best way to get higher sales, give outstanding customer service, lower your stress level, and run a truly successful business.

Think about it… what if ALL your employees were as good as or better than your BEST employee?

The Red-Hot Help Wanted Ad strikes again! Not only did I find one great person for the job… I had three good candidates to choose fromand I didn’t spend a dime on advertising! THANKS, BOB AND WHIZBANG! TRAINING!!!

Wendy Walker

Pierce Florist, Waukegan, IL

What if you’re not currently hiring someone? Why work on you help wanted ad now? Well, because the day your employee quits and you need to find a replacement is too late.

You and I both know who’s going to be picking up the slack on the selling floor when you’re down a person – YOU! And you’re just not going to take the time to sit down and write the kind of great ad that pulls super-qualified candidates in your door. The time to write your ad is BEFORE you actually need to use it!

So how much is all this amazing staff-building information? Only $27.

It’s just a fraction of the cost of help wanted ads in most newspapers. If you’re going to pay for the space, make the space pay BIG! Hey, if you ever use want ads – or any kind of written material – to attract employees to your business this report is a slam dunk.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Best Regards,

P.S. If you don’t have a staff full of superstars you are losing money every single day – so start looking for your next awesome employee today. 

There’s no time to lose… only money!

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