Credit Card Processing for Retailers

Are you sure you’re being charged correctly for your credit card processing?

You could save money every month with a simple switch.

Integrity Payment Systems has the unique ability to verify if a business owner is being charged properly for their credit card processing – one of your largest business expenses!  

Due to a recent amendment that affects fees related to check cards, your credit card processing fees should be reviewed thoroughly and properly. This simple cost verification could put $100’s of dollars back in your pocket every month – finding money you never knew you had!

No clever rate games – Integrity’s focus is your total costs – the total of what you pay every month. 

Get Your FREE Cost Analysis Today!

Contact Integrity’s VIP Special Accounts department. It is especially designated to provide Money Solutions  to WhizBang! clients. They are amazing and extremely knowledgeable: 

Phone: 866.988.4882

Fax: Download the Free Cost Analysis Request Cover Sheet and fax it to 847.789.8874

Email: Save@IntegrityPays.com

With Integrity Payment Systems you’ll get:

  • VIP service levels – provided in-house. Real people that are empowered to serve you with excellence. 
  • A credit card processing company that is endorsed by several fortune 100 companies like L’Oreal, Redken, as well as several various trade associations.
  •  A FREE cost analysis to see if you’re being charged properly for your credit card processing fees.
  • Plus additional FREE included services that help retailers build emergency funds, pay vendors, eliminate debt, even save for their vacation – all automatically.  

In fact, one WhizBang! retailer who found they were being charged properly switched just to use these valuable services!

See what some of your fellow retailers have to say:

I am very happy with Integrity Payment Solutions. Their customer service is the best I have had with merchant processing. The transition was smooth and they are saving me money! What more could I want? I highly recommend them.

Cathy McKillip

Wish Upon A Quilt, Raleigh, NC

One of the things we really like about Integrity Payment Solutions is the detailed statement we get at the end of the month, there are no hidden fees or surprises. We’ve saved money on our fees and their customer support is great and helpful (not that we have needed it much as it was a near seamless transition). Plus, the machine they sent us is FAST!

Lee Kellogg

Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps, Santa Fe, NM

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