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Dear Fellow Store Owner,

Think back to the day you decided to open your store.

You had a vision, an enthusiasm, an indescribable optimism for what you were about to create. You were excited to make a good living and have fun doing what you love.

I know I was.

But it took years of frustration, constant stress, and painful poverty for my vision to become a reality.

After years of struggling to pay the bills and barely surviving a recession, it hit me ... passion for your product and a talent in one or two areas can get you started, but they simply aren't enough to create a super-successful, long-term business.  

I discovered that every store owner - no matter what they sell, where they live, or how much money they started with - must understand 11 essential retail skills and put them to work in their business.

Early in my retail career I was great at one or two parts of the retail equation, but mediocre to dreadful at the rest. I was a natural at marketing and a great salesperson - but I had absolutely no idea how to manage my inventory or build a team of superstar employees.   

No wonder there was never any money in the bank!

It was mastering those 11 critical retail skills that allowed me to turn my store's pitiful first year sales of just over $17,000 into a multi-million dollar business - and have fun doing it.

If your original store vision doesn't quite match your current retail reality, if getting those 20%, 30%, even 50% sales increases would make your business and your life more fun, here's some good news... 

I put everything I learned, everything you need to know about running a super-successful retail business into one complete, easy-to-use program.

The Retail Mastery System

This is the most comprehensive, across the board business-building resource ever assembled for an independent retailer like you. For the first time ever, you can have, at your fingertips, all the tools you need to build the business of your dreams.

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The Retail Mastery System spells out EXACTLY what you can do to put more profit and passion in your business - no matter what's happening in the economy. 

By improving performance of the 11 vital areas of your store, the Retail Mastery System can boost your store sales and transform your business from something that makes you work too hard ... to an income producing asset that works hard for YOU.

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The Retail Mastery System is Your Comprehensive Resource

The Retail Mastery System is organized into 11 extensive volumes - each of which correspond to one of the 11 critical retail skills.

Volume 1:   Marketing
Volume 2:   Selling
Volume 3:   Assortment Planning
Volume 4:   Staff Development
Volume 5:   Inventory Management
Volume 6:   Visual Merchandising
Volume 7:   Customer Service
Volume 8:   Electronic Marketing
Volume 9:   Financial Management
Volume 10:  Store Operations
Volume 11:  Personal Business Skills

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in each of these valuable volumes.

Volume 1: Marketing

  • How to stop wasting money on ads that don't work, and learn the secret to big time returns on all of your marketing efforts. This information alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you

  • One client increased his sales by $109,000 with a single endorsed mailing campaign and find out how you can quickly duplicate his promotion - we've even included the ACTUAL LETTERS he used to get these amazing results.

  • How to craft a unique selling proposition (USP) for your store that describes exactly why you're different from your competition.

  • The fool-proof way to create a great 30-second "elevator pitch" about your store.

  • How to master 12 proven methods to get more customers into your store on a regular basis.

  • How to use our 5 powerful strategies to generate rock star publicity for your business.

  • Exactly how to use our 7-step strategy to create a marketing plan that drives sales through the roof!

Volume 2: Selling

  • Use the sales training DVD and train every employee to be a customer-focused sales superhero. This requires almost no work on your part and puts immediate money in the cash register!

  • How to implement and profit from the 6 non-negotiable steps to a great retail sale.

  • Find out about the major paradigm shift retailers must make to become tremendously successful at selling.

  • 6 ways to make your customers feel compelled to give you their business.

  • How to master the 6 most powerful words you can use to explore customer needs and make more sales.

  • You'll learn the right way to execute feature-and-benefit selling in your store.

  • The secret of increasing average order size with natural but profitable add-on sales.

Volume 3: Assortment Planning

  • The right way to apply a basic open to buy system that will allow you to buy less, sell more, reduce your markdowns, and build your profit margins.

  • Find out how to pick items that are winners and stop stocking merchandise you can't get rid of. This kit will teach you to pick the right items like a seasoned pro!

  • How to get deals that will save you money and strengthen your relationships with your vendors at the same time. I'll teach you how to use what's in their best interest to benefit you both!

  • How to implement the 8 key concepts in assortment planning.

  • The best way to create your personal merchandising philosophy.

  • The 9 most important reports you should run, review, and analyze weekly.

  • To master using the "stair step" method to overcome buyer price resistance.

Volume 4: Staff Development

  • How to make your sales numbers skyrocket and motivate your staff to work harder - as a team - like never before!

  • How a secret shopper program will let you give yourself peace of mind.  After only two phone calls, you'll never again have to worry about what goes on when you're not there!

  • The method to make the right hire every time with our exclusive interview secrets. You'll learn how to see below the surface using our techniques and make the right choice again and again!

  • How to create your ideal employee profile.

  • The secret to writing help-wanted ads that attract great people like a magnet.

  • The quick and effective way to craft winning hiring packages that avoid misunderstandings and get new employees started on the right foot.

  • The best way to improve employee performance across the board by implementing a revolutionary progressive disciplinary process.

Volume 5: Inventory Management

  • Apply a basic open to buy system that will allow you to buy less, sell more, reduce your markdowns, and build your profit margins.

  • How to use your POS system like a "crystal ball" so you are buying only the merchandise that your customers will actually take out their wallets for, not the stuff they "oooh" and "aaah" over, but leave to gather dust on your shelves.

  • Which 10 key performance indicators your POS software absolutely must track for you.

  • How to master our 5-point system to create an optimally efficient department structure.

  • The insider way to expertly plan your annual sales using our prove seven-step process.

  • How to use the best (and easiest) way to determine your ideal beginning of the month stock levels.

  • How smooth and easy it really is to make the transition from your current inventory levels to your ideal stock position using our methods.

Volume 6: Visual Merchandising

  • How to create merchandise signs that act as silent salespeople for customers who are "just looking" and consistently turn browsers into buyers.

  • How to apply the secrets of boosting sales quickly by merchandising to the 15 powerful core emotions of your buyers.

  • The surefire way to master the 5 critical elements of visual merchandising.

  • How to implement 4 brilliant methods to create winning window displays.

  • How to use our 4 proven strategies for organizing the merchandise in your store more effectively.

  • Exactly what every store owner needs to know about designing directional signs.

  • How to master the 10 iron-clad rules of effective in-store display.

Volume 7: Customer Service

  • How to train your team to say the 9-word combo that will calm down nearly every angry customer.  You'll have fewer returns, keep more loyal customers (even if they were upset to start with), and improve your employees' confidence.

  • The inside information on what "The Big Switch" is - and how it can increase your profitability!

  • How to harness the magic of the rule of reciprocity - and learn to gain more by giving more.

  • How to implement our 6 fast and easy strategies to immediately create a stellar first impression when a new customer enters the store.

  • A proven method to wow your customer every time. They'll never see this one coming!

  • How to implement 5 non-negotiable standards to create a premium customer service culture in your store.

Volume 8: Electronic Marketing

  • The easiest way to become an expert on the 4 things you must do to make your email marketing a success - and two things to avoid if you want your customers to open your messages!

  • How to turn your website into one of your most valuable relationship-building tools. Using this information you'll create raving fans, turn your special events into blockbusters, and put more money in the bank.

  • The fast way to implement our 14-point website design checklist to build a website that really converts!

  • The inside information on all our best email marketing secrets - like how to schedule and create your "welcome" email campaign, and other vital rules of the road for email marketing.

  • How to master the four best and easiest ways to get more customers to subscribe to your online email list.

  • How to tell exactly how often you should send email marketing messages to your customers. Too much isn't good - and too little isn't either!

  • How you can increase your website rankings for local search. We'll teach you each and every step.

Volume 9: Financial Management

  • How to keep an eagle-eye on the 6 simple financial statistics that will tell you 99% of what you need to know about the REAL direction your business is taking. Hint: your accountant may have been steering you wrong all these years!

  • How our 5 steps to creating goals for your business will result in more consistent growth and profit.

  • The best strategy to implement a sure-fire 7-step planning process for continual performance improvement.

  • How to read (and understand) a balance sheet and profit & loss statement without getting a migraine!

  • The 5 crucial questions you should ask before even thinking about hiring a CPA.

  • The secret to understanding and mastering cash flow and creating an accurate cash flow projection.

  • Our amazingly effective 7-step strategy to create a functional and profitable operational budget for your store.

Volume 10: Store Operations

  • How to take advantage of our scheduling secrets that will save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in payroll every month.

  • A simple technique that helped one client catch a thief - the first day she used it!

  • The best method of creating a store opening and closing checklist.

  • 4 steps to unlock and maintain excellence in your organization operations over time.

  • The quickest way to turn off a customer and how to avoid making this common error.

  • A 12-item daily pre-opening checklist that will revolutionize your operations.

  • 12 ways to create a store environment that dazzles your customers.

Volume 11: Personal Business Skills

  • How to apply 3 simple time management techniques that allow you to get the most important work done that will make the biggest difference in your business first!

  • 3 cutting-edge "brain science" techniques to physically change the structure of your brain and unleash all its power to help you build a truly amazing business. This isn't New Age fluffy stuff. It's science - and it works!

  • How to harness the power of your Reticular Activation System.

  • What the 8-spoke dream wheel is - and how it can help you make your business and personal goals a reality!

  • How to master your psycho-cybernetic system, what it is, and how you can control it!

  • How to use an incredible 5-step process to develop habits that make you more successful.

  • How simply aligning your beliefs and your values can make immediate and major positive changes occur in your business and your life.

This program is so full of detail, resources, and knowledge, it will blow you away. It's the best investment you could possibly make for your business.

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Here are some people just like you who have taken advantage of The Retail Mastery System - and used it to transform their businesses and their lives beyond their wildest dreams. 

todd anderson_sq

"I've doubled my business from $500K to a MILLION this year and have done under half of what's in the Retail Mastery System. I can only imagine where I'll be once I get further in!"

~ Todd Anderson, R/C Excitement, Fitchburg, MA 

ann schneider_sq

"I took the loyalty program from the Retail Mastery System and tweaked it a little for my business. In one year our program grew by 3,500 people--that's huge!  Plus, 80% of the people who come in to our store sign up." 

~ Ann Schneider, The Front Porch, Wakeshaw, WI

tonya christansen_sq

"I've been using the Retail Mastery System since it first came out. Anybody can do it, anybody can be successful at it. If you have a question you just pull out the book that highlights that topic and you follow the step-by-step instruction about how you can accomplish the goal you're trying to reach."

~ Tonya Christensen, Must Love Dogs, Grand Haven, MI

Your one-time investment in the Retail Mastery System is only $2,497. Or if you prefer, you can make Fifteen easy payments of $197.

The Retail Mastery System has consistently produced increases in monthly sales from 10% to 50%... sometimes even more! So a store with $200,000 in sales making just a 20% increase would still realize a positive swing of $40,000 in their favor. This means that the Retail Mastery System could literally pay for itself the very first month you use it. Imagine the difference the Retail Mastery System could make in your business and life in just one year!

When you consider the value of your business, the amount of effort you've put into it, and the future sales the Retail Mastery System will help you generate, the investment is minimal compared to the high value of this amazing system.

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I Want This System in Every Set of Hands That Need It!

Hey, I know sometimes things get tight. Running a business is a tough prospect - and I've been there myself. And that's exactly why I don't want the price tag on The Retail Mastery System to keep anyone who needs it from getting my help. I want you to have access to this valuable information.

So, if cash is tight right now, I've also arranged to offer a monthly payment plan. You pay only $197 a month for 15 months. But the beauty of this is get all the information up front, so you can start learning and profiting on day one even if you've only sent in one payment of $197! That's like having us "on retainer" as your exclusive store consultants for less than $7 a day ...about what you'd pay for coffee and a sandwich at a local snack shop ...instead of my usual fee of $10,000 a day.

I'll Even Take on the Risk For You

I'm so confident in and enthusiastic about The Retail Mastery System, that I'll even remove all the risk for 90 days. I want you to order this kit and start using it immediately. I mean really dig in and implement some of the amazing information inside. Follow my instructions, put my processes in place, and see what happens.


So here's the deal...

If you give The Retail Mastery System an honest try - and after 90 days you don't feel like it has boosted monthly sales, reduced inventory costs, or increased other key performance indicators in your store...

In fact, if you're not 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever...Just return all the materials to us within the first 90 days and I'll refund every penny you paid back to you. (But you won't want to send it back!)

The bottom line is ...there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

Click the button below to get started with The Retail Mastery System right now...

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Order Now and Receive This Incredible Bonus Support Package

If you order now, I'll also make sure you get all these valuable bonuses...

** FREE Support Bonus #1:

2 FREE tickets to what we guarantee will be the most important business-building live event for retailers of the year! The Retail Success Summit is a LIVE event jam-packed with in-depth dives into the concepts we teach. It's an in-the-flesh, super-energizing event to help you make the most of the Retail Mastery System.

** FREE Support Bonus #2:

12 Monthly Momentum Builder videos designed to keep you focused and inspired to work on all the kits in the Retail Mastery System. Every month, for 12 months we'll send a video with information on a different piece of the Retail Mastery System. This video series will help show you what information you'll find in each kit and give you hints to implement the information quickly and easily.

** FREE Support Bonus #3:

The Quick Start Guide will help you figure out which of the eleven elements you should start with. Do you need the most help with Marketing or is Inventory Management the biggest problem in your business? Should you start with Staff Development or Financial Management?

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This is your opportunity to once and for all take control of the trajectory of your business.

Helping retailers to build something special and achieve their dreams is my life's work. It's near and dear to my heart. But here's the thing...

I can't take action for you. You have to be ready to change and grow.

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and finally make your business into something amazing that you can be proud of - and that provides for you and your family for many years to come?

I'm excited for you because I know the stunning metamorphosis that awaits you when you commit to change and implement the advice in The Retail Mastery System.

Here's your opportunity. Will you take it?

To your success!

Bob Negen

Bob Negen

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