How to Run a Holiday Preview Sale

How To Run A Holiday Preview Sale (4:55) Learn how to run a holiday preview sale to maximize your holiday sales and generate some extra cash this fall! Bob and his brother, Steve created this promotion for their kite store 20 years ago, and it was a huge success....

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Retail Selling Videos

Create a Sales Culture in Your StoreRetail Selling is a Skill and it's the Key to Retail SuccessAre your employees selling all they can? Retail selling is the most critical activity happening in your store each and every day!Creating a sales culture in your store is...

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Taking Store Inventory

The inventory of merchandise in your store is probably the biggest asset in your business as well as your biggest business expense. Knowing exactly how much and exactly what you own is the first step in learning how to control your inventory. And great inventory management is your key to higher profits! Here are three ways having an accurate inventory count will help you improve profits. read more

Store Signage

Retail Fail - Episode 245: The Sound of Signage - Video - No, no, NO! This poor fella just can't seem to do anything right. Maybe he should read the store signs... Or maybe the snarky signs have got to GO! Great store signage can influence your customers in a positive way. Poor stoor signage is influencing too, maybe not the way you want it to be. How is your store signage affecting your customers' experience? read more