Great Training for Independent Store Owners

Who says retail training has to be dull and boring?
Check out these silly videos with a serious message.

Retail Fail - Episode 227: Locked and Goaded

Will the customer make it before the store closes? Will the employee get to go home early? It's a race to the finish line!  All we know is that you can't sell anything through a locked door...

Don't be a Retail Fail! Check out the adventures of WhizBang! Bob, saving stores one retail fail at a time.

Featured Article: 

Save Money, Get Green Customers

8 Reasons for Retailers to "Go Green!" 

Article by Rosamaria Caballero Stafford, co-founder of Green Irene, a company dedicated to greening our world one home and one green retail business at a time.

From growing your green customer base to growing your bottom line, the benefits of going green make it a great strategy for any retail store. Eco-friendly retailing practices can help your business stand out in your community, all while lowering your overhead costs and creating a healthier space for your customers and staff.
Here are some of Green Irene’s top green tips for retailers: