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July 13-16, 2020
12-5pm Eastern Time

The [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit 2021

The Retail Success Summit is the largest, most exciting, and highest-impact business conference for independent retailers anywhere in the world!

Dear Store Owners & Managers,

There’s no doubt that 2020 been crazy. Actually, beyond crazy. Each and every one of us has been tested in many, many ways.

Life is different.


Has your store made the breakthroughs necessary to excel – or are you hoping that things will go back to the way they were pre-pandemic? If you are, you’re dreaming – and it’s about to turn into a nightmare.

Because don’t kid yourself, this thing isn’t done yet. Not by a long shot…

If there is one thing we learned through this whole s%#t show, It’s that we can’t control what’s happening. The only thing we can control how we react. And how you react is determined by what you know. It’s that simple. When you know what to do you make good decisions quickly. You act with confidence.

You need…

  • New insights into how retail is changing so you can be ahead of the curve, not caught helplessly behind it.
  • New skills and strategies that are going to work NOW and keep working no matter what new craziness is in our future.
  • New mindsets that will allow you to confidently and quickly make important decisions, change directions on a dime and move forward without wasting your precious mental energy.

Which is why this year’s [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit is going to be the most important Summit ever, and why making the choice to be in “the room” will be the best choice you will make this year.

The way you’ve always done it, won’t get it done anymore. Now is the time to invest in yourself, to learn new skills, to get ready for what’s coming… no matter what that is.

If you’re ready to adapt, to change, to face whatever the future throws at you with skill and confidence the future has never been brighter!

What Past Summit Attendees Have To Say…

“Simply amazing!”

Nancy Boudreau

La Creme, St Jacobs, ON

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and inspiration you presented at the Summit!  We have been busy digging into our action items list ever since the Summit endedCan’t wait to come back next year!

Scott and Beth Wiegand

Garden Gate Floral, Mackinaw, IL

I just got back from two days of an amazing experience at the Retail Success Summit. It was just the shot in the arm I needed. It reminded me how much power I hold in the success of my store – I hold all of it! Bob and Susan are not just great retail coaches, they are amazing people with great resources and success tips. Thank you for a WhizBang! time!

Lynette Fitzpatrick Bowser

Sassy Pants Boutique, Rockford, MI

The [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit Experience

As sad as it is not to be with you in person, we are thrilled with the experience you’ll have at this year’s [VIRTUAL] Summit. It’s got everything you loved about the regular conference – plus lots of amazing extra touches and new fun stuff!

Your Personal Dashboard
Your [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit experience starts with your personal dashboard – it’s your event home base, your virtual seat at the Summit, the place where it all happens, your go-to spot for everything Summit related! As the Summit approaches, you’ll get complete information on how to log in, navigate, and use your dashboard.

Feeling nervous about the “techy” part of the Summit? We’ve got you covered. You’ll have a personal check-in with one of our team members before the Summit begins to make sure you are 100% comfortable using the online tools so you can have an energizing, fun, carefree experience.

Networking and Connecting
One of the BEST parts of the Retail Success Summit is meeting other super-smart retailers, making new retail friends, and learning from folks both inside and outside your industry. The [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit will be NO different! The magic of technology will surprise you and allow you to deeply connect with many new retail friends during the Summit… and beyond.

Private Facebook Group
Speaking of connecting, every Summit attendee will be a member of a private Facebook Group so you can continue to collaborate, share, help, and just plain have fun together outside of the regular Summit hours. Want to set up a coffee klatch? Use the FB group to connect. Need help with an idea you learned at the Summit? Ask your group members. You’ve been through it all together.

Interactive Breakouts
Yes! We will be having small interactive breakouts multiple times a day. Think of them like the discussion groups you had in college for your large lecture classes. This is your chance to think deeper, ask questions, reflect, do the work, and share. This is a powerful new addition to the Retail Success Summit!

Virtual Exhibit Hall
Not only will you be able to meet and connect with your fellow retailers, but also with some really great people whose companies are all about helping indie retailers be better, smarter, and most importantly, more profitable. During the breaks, you’ll be able to visit our virtual exhibit hall to learn, ask questions, and discover new possibilities.

Coaches Corner
Running into a roadblock or need some specific help with a situation? Just want a little boost? You can chat with one of our WhizBang! Certified Coaches in the Coaches Corner! Connect with a coach who has a specific area of expertise you need, or one who is an expert in your industry, or someone who is geographically close to you. These folks are all EXPERTS in the WhizBang! Way of retailing.

Printable Worksheets and Handouts
Online, on-demand, you’ll have instant access to any of the worksheets, handouts, samples, and templates we (and our guest speakers) share.

Action Items
It wouldn’t be a Retail Success Summit if you didn’t come away with a thoughtful, organized, and powerful list of Action Items! While we hope you’re engaged, entertained, and enlightened by each of the programs during the Summit, what we really want is for you to take action on the ideas presented and transform your business. We have this process “baked-in” so you can’t miss it!

Hot Seats!
New for 2020, we are going to throw in some mini Hot Seats throughout the Summit to boost the learning into overdrive. You’ll be able to apply for a Hot Seat during the Summit and if you are selected, the collective brainpower of the entire group will go to work on your situation – whether it’s a problem you need solved or an opportunity you want to maximize.

Check Out The [VIRTUAL] and [IRL*] Fun at the Retail Success Summit

The Summit isn’t just non-stop work… we also like to have FUN! We’ve got some exciting VIRTUAL and *IN REAL LIFE stuff planned for you.

You are going to LOVE the super-deluxe swag box shipped directly to your door. Now, I can’t tell you about the goodies that are going to be inside – it’s a secret – but I can tell it’s going to be awesome. Fun stuff to keep, fun stuff to use during the Summit. We will keep sending the swag to everyone as they register, but we can no longer guarantee you’ll get it before July 13th.

Are you feeling lucky?? Just because we’re virtual doesn’t mean we aren’t going to give away a ton of great prizes – over five thousand dollars’ worth!  But you must be present to WIN. So show up, learn a lot, and hopefully, you’ll be one of the big winners!

Yep, in addition to some great prizes, we’re also going to have some awesome contests. Will you claim bragging rights and be the winner? Will you take home one of the contest prizes? Only one way to find out… Come join the learning and fun.

Scavenger Hunt
Also kind of a secret, you’ll be going on a 3-item scavenger hunt. No preparation necessary, everyone can participate! Intrigued? You’ll just have to show up to play…

Live Polls
Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, the live polls are always interesting and a peek into the minds of your fellow retailers. Are you in the majority or one of the outliers? You’ll get the results of all the polls live on your personal dashboard.

Cocktail Party
Since March and the coronavirus shutdown, virtual cocktail parties have become all the rage, so of course, we’re jumping on the bandwagon to have our traditional opening night cocktail gathering. You’ll even get a special cocktail recipe in your swag box to make your happy hour really “WhizBang!”

The Nitty-Gritty Details About The [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit

Sounds good, right? So, you probably want some more specific details about when it is and how to attend…

When: The dates for 2021 Retail Success Summit to be annouced soon.

Where: Wherever you want! As long as you have a computer with an internet connection in a place where you can listen, think, and learn, then that’s where the Summit is for you. We are so excited that this virtual format makes it easier for our retail friends from far away to attend. (We already have folks registered from places like England, Australia, and the Caribbean!)

How: Your [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit experience starts with your personal online dashboard – it’s your event home base, your virtual seat at the Summit, the place where it all happens, your go-to spot for everything Summit related! As the Summit approaches, you’ll get complete information on how to login, navigate, and use your dashboard.

Recordings: What happens if you miss a day… or even one session? We get it. Life happens. We will be recording the entire event (barring any unforeseen technical problems!) and you will get recordings of all the sessions. We hope to release them within a month after the Retail Success Summit is finished.

But… if the event were live in person you’d BE THERE… and we want you to BE THERE at the virtual Summit too. You’ll get so much more out of participating than just listeningMake the commitment to yourself and to us to BE THERE.

You don’t want to miss any of this…

  • A combination of high-level strategic thinking about what ‘s happening in retail right now plus in-depth explorations of proven tactics with retail experts, Bob and Susan Negen,
  • Ideas and insights from our line-up of 5 amazing guest speakers (Bonus: the new virtual format allows us to bring even more great minds LIVE to the “ main stage”),
  • Interactive breakouts, workbooks, and exercises so you can actually work on your business,
  • Brainstorm and network with other retailers both in and outside of your industry,
  • Lots of FUN to go along with the learning – swag, live polls, prizes, and contests,
  • PLUS so much more!

Registration For The 2021 [VIRTUAL] Retail Success Summit Is Coming Soon.

The Retail Success Summit is going to make a big difference in our business because it’s a HUGE call to action. Bob and Susan helped us to focus on what we need to do to keep our sales going strong. Only an hour and a half into the Retail Success Summit and we have pages and pages of information, action items, and tips! Can’t wait for tomorrow. Thank you so much!

Chrissy and Todd Anderson

R/C Excitement Inc, Fitchburg, MA

We are pleased to announce we have successfully checked off 8 out of 10 action items on our list from the Retail Success Summit! Number 9 is in the works. AND we finished August up 40%! Thank you for ALL you do!

Jamie Bush

Point of Orign, Lakeway, TX

Once again, taking my hat off to Bob and Susan Negen. This Retail Success Summit was the best on record! I am a three time alumni and it has only gotten better year after year! Since 2004 I’ve seen my retail sales grow each and every month. Couldn’t have gotten this far, this fast without WhizBang! Training.

Trudy Tooman-Salinas

Designs On You, Wildwood, IL

Just wanted to share that based on the kick in the pants I got at the Summit I finished November up 11% over last year, and December 34% up over last year. My staff and I worked on a plan for January, and we’re targeting a 45% increase for next year. So thank you- you are having an even broader effect than just this one store owner who bought the Retail Mastery System. I am so looking forward to attending your Summit again!

Sue Turchick

Crafter’s Home, MN

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