Training in Store Customer Service

Retail Mastery System: Customer Service Kit

Store-customer-serviceTurn your staff’s customer service performance from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary.

This kit focuses on practical, proven store customer service strategies that can be applied to your business and used immediately. The focus is not on theory but on easy-to-understand strategies, tips, and tricks.



Start working with the tools and concepts to deliver the service your customers deserve.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn a complaint into a powerful, positive customer experience.
  • Identify the basic needs of customers and know the most efficient way to meet them.
  • Dramatically improve customer satisfaction by using specific, confidence-boosting words.
  • Profit from the rule of reciprocity.
  • Identify the 2 types of customer your store has and how to cater to each.
  • Calculate your true customer dissatisfaction rate.
  • Create a better first impression when a new customer enters the store.
  • Triple your sales to a customer who is unhappy and complains about it.
  • Use a proven method for wowing your customer every time. They’ll never expect it.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your customers, and why not doing so is a disservice.
  • Improve your telephone etiquette when calling customers and prospects.
  • Use 5 non-negotiable standards for creating a customer service culture in your store.
  • Improve store customer service with a secret shopper program.
  • Improve store customer service with the Big Switch.

You’ll learn that by putting your customers’ needs, wants, and desires first, you will dramatically increase the “lifetime value” of each customer—the total amount that person will spend with you over their life as your customer.  

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