Email and Social Media Marketing for Retailers

SnapRetail was built for independent retailers like you, and because they’ve built it so well, it is a great choice for email and social media marketing software. It’s easy to use, they give you lots of great ideas and, most importantly, it will help you make more money. On average, their customers have seen sales grow by 13%!

With unique features like fully flexible templates, pre-written messaging, promotion kits for seasonal campaigns and more, why not let SnapRetail do the work for you? You’ll also get these really cool tools to make life easy and make your marketing more effective:

  • Easy-to-use email marketing software.
  • The Idea Calendar – an easy-to-use tool to schedule social media posts and e-mail campaigns.
  • Promotion Kits with “made for you” campaigns for holidays and other major events.
  • A unique “Exclusive Offers” program designed to increase store traffic or sell on-line without an e-commerce site.
  • A library of vendor content you can use when you create your marketing campaigns. This is a real time saver!
  • Pre-written posts for email, Facebook and twitter.
  • Unlimited free storage space for your own images.   

Call 877.459.SNAP(7627) or visit www.snapretail.com. Remember to let them know you are a WhizBang! Retailer!

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