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In Our Best-Selling Book: Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age

The Ultimate Strategy for Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age

Anybody can open a store, but marketing your store  is how you make it grow and prosper.

Great marketing is what separates the super-successful from the hopeless and helpless. You only have to look around your own town to see the truth of what I’m saying. In your town there are probably lots of flower shops. One or two thrive while the rest struggle.  

There are probably a wide variety of gift shops. Some always have customers at the register, but in others are empty.

The same holds true for every other type of retail store or service business we could talk about. Some of those stores are full of customers no matter what the day, time, or weather. Some are predictably empty. It’s not magic, good luck, or gimmickry that makes some stores successful while others fight to stay alive. It’s strategic marketing.

Fortunately, as an independent store owner you have the single most powerful marketing tool imaginable at your disposal. You can have a genuine, personal relationship with your customers.

It’s one marketing your store strategy that the big box stores can never beat you at, no matter how hard they try – and believe me they are trying!  This is your biggest competitive advantage and if you can create a real connection with your customers, the big box category killers and online stores don’t stand a chance.

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Loved your book! As someone who has been in retail for 25 years, I usually am not impressed by retail books. Normally they have nothing really new and few good ideas, but yours was the exception. Keep up the good work!

Jeff King

A Simpler Time, New Orleans, LA

In Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age, we give you a complete 4-Step System for creating and nurturing customer relationships. We show you exactly how to use innovative, inexpensive marketing ideas for retail stores to develop new customer relationships and do more with the customers you already have

This is not a “rah-rah” motivational book filled with corny clichés, worn out platitudes, or abstract theory coming from pedantic professors who have never spent a day on the floor of a retail store. This book was developed by retailers for retailers.

It’s a treasure trove of practical information you can use immediately to market your store and put more money in your bank account. You’ll learn exactly what to do and how to do it through marketing your retail store on the internet. Plus you’ll get lots of real-life case studies showing how other store owners just like you have successfully used these marketing ideas in their retail stores.

Here’s a tiny fraction of what you’ll learn by reading this book:

  • Why traditional media advertising doesn’t usually work for independent retailers and what you can do about it.
  • How to put the “Rule of Reciprocity” into play and attract tons of new, loyal customers.
  • 3 critical things you must do with every first-time customer in your store.
  • 11 effective ways to use the internet to build customer relationships.
  • 14 keys elements you MUST HAVE when building your website.
  • The secret technique to make email your most amazing marketing tool ever.
  • 10 copy writing rules that every retailer must know in order to write messages that sell.
  • How to create promotions that keep your customers coming back and buying more.

Some people have asked me if this book is just about selling on the internet or using the internet to market your business. It’s not. It’s about ALL the different tactics, both low-tech and high-tech, that successful store owners in the 21st century will use to maintain a competitive edge.   

The internet has changed the way your customers shop, and that means you must change the strategy used in marketing your store. The Internet Age is a tough place to do business if you don’t know what to do!

Buy this book today and get a fresh look at the time-honored, low tech tactics (the best of what worked for “Mom and Pop” in the last century) as well as the new, high tech marketing ideas for retail stores that expand your horizons into the 21st century. 

The information on marketing retail stores on the internet in this book alone is worth hundreds, even thousands of times the $34.95 you’ll pay for it. Then throw in the bonus audio disc and this deal is so sweet you’re crazy if you pass it up! 

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