Build A Marketing Plan Guaranteed To Bring More Customers Into Your Store & Make You More Money!

Dear Colleague,

Customer expectations are up and foot traffic is down. The great news is Brick and Mortar stores who have a plan are still thriving. The even better news is Susan and I are here to help!

With our hands-on guidance and our proven system, you can build the marketing plan you need in just 3-days.

If you want to…

  • Discover strategies that will be the driving force behind your business, 
  • Stop wasting money on high-priced advertising if it doesn’t work for you,
  • Get on the front edge of the social media scene (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more) and decide which are best for you,
  • Build a fence around your existing customers so they’d never dream of shopping with anyone but you,
  • Attract tons of new, high-quality customers without spending a fortune,
  • Create a rock-solid marketing plan that will be the foundation of your marketing efforts for years to come…

…then this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss! 


NEW SESSION: Marketing Mentor Retreat

The core of the Marketing Mentor Retreat is 3 focused days of learning, thinking, and planning – working personally with me, Susan, and a small group of other smart retailers here in our Grand Haven offices.

Retreating from the day-to-day grind and taking dedicated, focused time OUT of your business to work ON your business is incredibly powerful. It forces you to do the work. And do the right work.

You will brainstorm with other store owners, you will come up with innovative new ideas, you will be lead through the WhizBang! Marketing System by Susan and me so you KNOW it will get done. Plus, you will be followed up with after the workshop to make sure your plan is polished, in place, and working.

No time to do it? You don’t have the time NOT to do it!

A haphazard, scattershot marketing approach takes a TON more time than executing a well-organized, strategic marketing plan. Not to mention how much stress it adds to your life and how chaotic it is for your employees and customers.

At the end of 3 days, you’ll have an annual marketing plan created specifically for your business.   

You’ll not only know what needs to be done, but when to do it, and how it should be done. It will keep you laser-focused on bringing in tons of sales without spending a fortune. 

This retreat is not about learning tons of unrelated techniques but about building a super-tight, incredibly effective marketing plan designed just for your business. It’s about developing the right strategies and the right combination of marketing tools that will get YOU maximum results!


Real Breakthrough Moments From The Marketing Mentor Retreat:


I really loved learning the difference between strategies, tactics, and tools and understanding how to put them all together to form a comprehensive plan. One of the key strategies we discovered is that we teach and are knowledgeable but we are also a fun place to be. Now it’s in my plan to show that in our marketing messages to new customers.” 

~ Rebecca Combs, Design & Adorn, Tucson, AZ


I’ve come to understand I don’t think big enough about my education events and clinics and using them in the way I should. I’m teaching people, but not taking the business advantages. I learned that during my workshops I should be offering the products we are using for sale and that it’s not just clinic time, the attendees can use that time to shop the store for anything they’d like! The lifetime value of this idea is at least $200 per clinic.” 

~ Brian Walquist, Alger Bikes, Grand Rapids, MI


“One of the most important things for me this week was getting far away from my business to work on my business. I’m going to leave here with a more complete plan than I’ve ever had before. The immersion with other retailers helped me take basic ideas I’ve used before and I created a new spin on them I never even thought of before.” 

~ Karen Paulus, Paulus Orchards, Dillsburg, PA

During The Marketing Mentor Retreat You’ll Get:

  • 3 focused days of learning, thinking, and planning on September 12-14, 2018 at our offices in Grand Haven, MI. During this time you’ll discover the right strategies for your business, choose the right combination of marketing tactics, and put together a plan that will drive traffic now and be the foundation for your marketing for years to come.


  • Your marketing plan template, plus organizers, swipe files, forms, checklists, and discovery exercises you can share with your team. These are practical, useful tools you can use and re-use for many years in the future.


  • The magic of the “Mastermind” that happens when you get a group of smart, dedicated, focused business owners gathered together to accomplish a mission. I don’t know exactly how it happens; I only know that it does. Each and every time we have a small-group workshop the coming together of minds creates profound results.


  • A private Facebook group that gives you and your fellow Marketing Mentor Retreat colleagues a simple way to continue your mastermind, plus provides you with priority access to me and Susan.


  • 3 follow-up calls with the entire group to keep you focused on putting your plan into action. Together we’ll continue to add ideas, skills, strategies, and accountability to your plan.


  • A final marketing plan review. Submit your completed plan and I’ll give you my honest feedback along with suggestions for how to polish your plan to make it work like a charm. Of course, I’ll be working with you continuously during our 3 days together, but this will be my formal assessment and feedback on your final work.


There will be no more than 20 participants at the Marketing Mentor Retreat so Susan and I can give extremely personalized attention to each member of the group.

If you are excited about improving your marketing results, ready to work hard to create your marketing plan, fully prepared to execute your plan, open to receiving new ideas, and are willing to share your own thoughts, then take action right away. Our last session quickly SOLD OUT and with room for only 20 participants we expect this session to sell out too.

An Investment In Your Success!

Of course, the big question in your mind right now is… how much? And I have the same question for YOU…

How much would a competition-crushing marketing plan add to your annual sales? How much could you save by getting rid of expensive advertising that doesn’t work? How much time and energy would you get back by having a focused, strategic marketing system in place?

The Marketing Mentor Retreat is an investment of $2,997 – a small fraction of what you will get back in return by implementing your annual marketing plan the first year alone!

PLUS, the plan you build with us now will be your foundation; the foundation that you will tweak, improve, expand, and grow with far into the future.

You often hear about the lifetime value of a customer, but there’s also a lifetime value associated with your marketing plan (or lack thereof!). How much more will you be getting year after year from this investment of money and time? And how much will you be losing if you don’t make the investment?

“I want to register NOW!”

For some people, cash flow is a concern. And we get that!

That’s why we are offering to spread it out with a payment plan of just $1,197 a month for 3 months.

“Sign me up for the payment plan!”

If you know from experience that two heads from your company are better than one. You are encouraged to bring your business partner, your marketing coordinator, or a key marketing employee.

Just give us a call at the office and you can bring someone with you for half price:  800.842.1660.

Your Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee!

It’s simple. If, at the end of the first day, you don’t think the program is worth every penny, just let me know and we will refund ALL your money. 

PLUS $500.

At our last Marketing Mentor Retreat, someone came to the first day, realized what they were learning did not fit the future goals they had for their business and asked for their money back. I was disappointed the retreat was not a perfect purchase for them, but I happily refunded their money, PLUS the promised $500. I’m telling you this because I want you to have absolutely no qualms about signing up right now and I hope that this powerful guarantee will do the trick. 

With this kind of guarantee on top of all the great stuff I’m offering in the Marketing Mentor Retreat, what reason could you possibly have for not signing up and putting LOTS more cash in your bank account?

None. Nada. Zip.

Of course, if you have any questions at all about whether the Marketing Mentor Retreat is right for you, feel free to give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about it. The toll-free number to the office is 800.842.1660.

Or click here to set up a specific time for us to talk – that way I won’t be out of the office or busy when you call.

I look forward to working with YOU!


Bob Negen

P.S. Remember, the available seats in this program are LIMITED to 20. If you’re excited about 3 days of learning, thinking, and planning – working personally with me, Susan, and 19 other smart retailers – and leaving with an amazing marketing plan, then register right away. It’s an opportunity you definitely won’t want to miss!