Vicki Seebeck
Side-by-Side Retail Coaching
Kenosha, WI


About Vicki

Vicki Seebeck’s flair for design and an uncanny sense of what her customers want is her secret to 27 years of growth and success as a specialty gift boutique owner in a small Midwestern town. Her knack for choosing unique products with over the top customer service have been the driving factors to her longevity. Finding your niche is critical in this ever-changing retail landscape, and the ability to quickly shift your product mix, pricing, and promotions is a strength most independent retailers have over the big box stores. Vicki can assess your unique business and guide you toward more effective decision-making based on your own special qualities in a competitive market.

Being a small business retailer was never a dream of Vicki’s. Educated as a graphic designer, Vicki embraced the magazine design industry with her love of creativity. When a turn of events brought her back to her hometown, she and her husband decided to open their own retail store. Many years were spent figuring out solutions by trial and error, and after shooting from the hip over and over, she discovered the WhizBang! Retail Community. She implemented many of the WhizBang! Retail Training programs into her own business and instantly saw results. Now Vicki is on a mission to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested in taking their business to multiple levels of success.

She’ll help you…

  • Drive sales in an ever-changing market with simple solutions that can be executed immediately.
  • Finesse your social media with your personality and stand out over your competition.
  • Sell what your customers want by finding your unique blend of merchandise and services.
  • Talk to your vendors who are wholesaling and selling on the Internet. Evaluate if your relationship is important to them so you can review pricing and services.
  • Know your value to your business so your decisions are made accordingly.
  • Define your “secret sauce” and empower your team to build consistent customer service.

As retailers, we all love our job and the freedom of owning our own business, but we all have areas that could improve. Side-by-Side Retail Coaching with Vicki Seebeck would love the opportunity to assist you in any area of your business. Don’t be business lonely when you can have Vicki on your side!


Branding & Logos

Merchandising & Product Mix

Sales Growth & Staff Development

Over The Top Customer Service


One-On-One Coaching

Retail Mastery System Implementation

Mastermind Leader

Event Speaker

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