Mark Turnbull
Impact Retail Training
Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom


About Mark

Mark Turnbull joined his family’s butchery and delicatessen business straight from school in 1987. After learning the trade side of the business, Mark saw the potential for the well-established business to operate at a much higher level.

As he took to the helm of the business, he spent the next decade educating himself in the necessary business and marketing skills to allow him to transform the future of the business. The journey saw the firm’s turnover double and profits sore. It’s a journey Mark continued as he immersed himself in all things retail.

In 2019, Mark opened a large food hall in an out-of-town retail development, that quickly established itself as one of the UK’s finest independent food retailers, attracting tourists from all over the UK and employing 40 people.

With this achieved and a wealth of retail and business knowledge, he decided it was time to follow his passion and start mentoring and coaching other retailers to develop their businesses by climbing what he refers to as the ‘retail success pyramid.’ Having generated so much knowledge over the last 30 years, Mark now shares his knowledge to help other retailers, allowing them to fast track their way to success. By showing them how to master 11 essential retail skills, Mark helps businesses make the transition from shopkeeper to retail pro. Mark is bringing the WhizBang! Way to the UK!

Impact Retail Training works to educate, motivate and inspire independent retailers to help them run super successful stores.





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