Maddie Kertay
The Mercantile Maven
Chattanooga, TN

About Maddie

Maddie is not everyone’s cup of tea unless you fancy your tea with a splash of whiskey. She will not insist you be a business-sheep to become an amazing business owner. She embraces bold moves and calculated risk for maximum results.

While her ethos is grounded in her abiding love for all the best bits of her Southern culture such as being a spectacular hostess she is not one to mince words or let you get away with a “poor me” attitude. She has a strong bent towards cause marketing and over the top event planning.

Maddie has built a fiercely loyal personal following of over thirty thousand as The BadAss Quilter as well as having had her own shop garner multiple magazine features and to be rated one of the top ten in her industry by Better Homes and Gardens after only 2 years in business. 

Maddie takes only a limited number of clients per year and warns her clients that they must be willing to put in the hard personal work of honing their leadership game and taking the tough actions that this often requires. While she will hold your hand through the rough days she will also verbally kick you in the pants to make the real and often scary changes that will make a profound difference in your business. 


Social Media

Event Creation

Longterm Visioning

Niche Marketing

Business Leadership Mentoring



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