Larry Viaille
Keyed Up Coaching
Lubbock, TX


About Larry

In 1971, Larry had a wealth of technical education (U.S.A.F. & N.C.R.) and a desire to own his own business but very little else. Like so many entrepreneurs, he had an idea, a product and a service he had a passion for so he did the most logical thing he could think of and opened his own business. He continued to take technical classes and became a Certified Master Locksmith. His business grew up around him until, with the explosion of personal computers and eventually the internet, it became apparent he needed to know more about business skills than he had learned from trial and error.

Being a lifelong learner, he sought out business education he could learn while he continued to run his business and that’s when he discovered WhizBang! Retail Training, an interesting name for a very serious business. After using their information on inventory control, he learned you could actually take a complete inventory of a business that had thousands of item numbers in just one night. This was exciting for Larry and his wife Nancy so he continued to take the rest of the courses that were available and then started his employees on the Retail Sales Academy and was so happy with the results that in 2019 he became a WhizBang! Certified Retail Coach.

One of the things Larry struggled with was understanding he was actually in a retail business and not just the service business. WhizBang! helped him get over that obstacle and he and Nancy have grown the company into a $1.5 million business. They are nationally known in the industry working with multiple third party maintenance groups as well as receiving many years of recognition as the “Best of Lubbock” and the “Best of the West” and being recognized twice by the Chamber of Commerce as the “Business of the Month.”

Larry is excited to help other businesses that may have had similar challenges in building their passion into a profitable retail & service business. Through Keyed Up Coaching he is now “coaching it forward” and helping others unlock potential profits.


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Business Coaching

Continuing Education Instructor

Mastermind Group Facilitator

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