Kevin Mote
The Fuel Man
Laura, OH


About Kevin

Kevin “The Fuel Man” Mote will bring a unique perspective to your life as an independent retailer. He will become a partner and mentor in the journey to improve your life. Serving you will come from his heart because he wants to see you excel in your life, both personally and professionally. The Fuel Man will bring over 30 years of successes, failures, experience and knowledge on this journey. He will listen with intent and ask questions to find the core issues you are having or feeling, to then work on simple actionable items for improvements.

Kevin Mote wants to see your light at the end of the tunnel get brighter!!

“The Fuel Man” nickname came from customers of the fuel delivery business he started in 1989 and ran for over 28 years. As the owner of a business in an industry that sold commodities, he quickly learned that the focus had to be about the customer.

As his customer-focused service reputation grew so did his business. He soon added a retail store selling stoves and fireplaces. It was in his quest to learn about retail that he found WhizBang! Retail Training and became a passionate advocate of the WhizBang! Way of doing business in an intensely customer focused way. An early adopter of the Retail Mastery System, he was able to use that knowledge across the different business models.

While there are differences in every business, the constants are marketing, customer experience, staff development, and time management. This is what sets Kevin apart; his understanding that different businesses, different models, and different customers have a common goal: customer satisfaction.

Kevin Mote has also been a lifelong learner as well, attending multiple Retail Success Summits, being a founding member of the Platinum Mastermind Group,  student of the teachings of John Maxwell, and a member of John’s “the Table” mentor program. Kevin Mote will use his heart, his unique background and his life’s experiences to help you become the indie retailer that you desire to be.






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