DJ Nelson
Retail Empowerment:
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St. Johnsbury, VT



About DJ

DJ Nelson has been in the retail pet industry and retail for over 25 years! He took his passion for animals and helping people and created a successful pet business. Building AquaRealm Aquarium & Pets from his parent’s walkout basement to an over 3,500 square foot retail store.

He refused to let negativity and other obstacles stop him. Within a 7 year period he tackled inventory issues, rapid growth, a recession, major building fires, major construction, pipes bursting, cashflow issues, and roof collapse (on Christmas Eve, the busiest day in the season) salvaging the sales day with skill and strategy. DJ turned each and every disaster into an opportunity. Instilling faith in the local community of a town that had previously lost hope in businesses surviving.

DJ’s knowledge, humor, and customer service skills helped him build a reputation for AquaRealm Aquarium & Pets as a great place to shop and he has brought in customers from multiple states and Canada.

In DJ’s recent endeavor, Retail Empowerment, he uses all of his knowledge and outside of the box thinking to push the envelope and help other businesses succeed. His mission is to help people whether they are just dreaming of opening a retail store or existing business owners, reach their goals and take them to the next level. Giving them more of what they want out of their business as well as their personal life.


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