Cathy Nagle-Ervin
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Findlay, OH


About Cathy

Cathy Nagle-Ervin is a seasoned professional specializing in the training and coaching of individuals within the retail marketplace. With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Cathy has developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in just what it means to become an effective and efficient retail employee. With that, Cathy brings a multitude of training and coaching knowledge with her to every training session that she is involved in, ultimately transforming employees into well-trained and well-versed retail associates.

Throughout her multi-decade spanning career, Cathy has gained tremendous experience within the retail industry working for companies like Barnes & Noble College Division, PetSmart, and Eastern National.

Currently, Cathy serves as the Great Lakes Regional Manager with Eastern National. In this position, she is responsible for all hiring, training, product development, merchandising, and inventory control across retail stores in six states. This massive responsibility speaks to Cathy’s true character as a retail professional, who understands today’s marketplace, today’s customers, today’s products, and most importantly, today’s employees. Her wealth of knowledge gained from her professional endeavors throughout the retail industry has allowed her to pursue more intensive employee training and coaching opportunities.

In addition to her work with Eastern National, Cathy has created RetailTrainingTools.com. As a certified employee trainer and coach, Cathy works with other retail organizations to train them on best practices within the industry. Through intensive online or in person sessions, Cathy endlessly works to ensure that her clients understand just how to perform most effectively and efficiently in a retail environment.

Further speaking to her professional experience, Cathy also received another certification from the International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals, effectively solidifying her standing within the industry.

Throughout her professional career as a trainer and coach, Cathy has demonstrated tremendous success by helping to train tomorrow’s next wave of retail workers to be more effective and more efficient workers. In addition, Cathy works to ensure that her trainees are engaged when they get to work, allowing them to better connect with their fellow employees and potential customers and clients in a marketplace that is becoming more and more focused on the experience of the consumer.

Cathy has presented at national conferences and webinars for the Museum Store Association and Public Lands Alliance. She currently serves as Secretary for the Board of Directors of the Museum Store Association.

Outside of her professional life, Cathy Nagle-Ervin enjoys the simplicities like walking her dog, enjoying a film, or making her own film. In fact, Cathy graduated from the Travel Channel Academy’s digital filmmaking course, where she learned about the ins and outs of the film business. From there, she fully realized her interest in the ever-increasing digital landscape. This interest ultimately helped to propel her career as a retail trainer and coach when she began to explore options for web-based employee training programs.

Cathy Nagle-Ervin is a seasoned professional with demonstrated success across her respective industry. And as she claims herself, she is passionate about retail and online training, and her ultimate mission is to help her fellow retailers become more profitable and have fun while doing it.





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