Find A WhizBang! Retail Training Certified Coach

Donovan Bankhead | Springfield, MO

Using humor and keen insight, Donovan helps other retailers who’ve hit a wall learn the 11 skills they need to get over. His honest and hilarious stories come from over two decades in the retail industry building Springfield Music from a single location to a multi-store, multi-million dollar operation.

Hope Birsh | Butler, MD

Like you, Hope Birsh is an entrepreneur. In 1989 she founded the Maryland Saddlery, located in the beautiful horse country just north of Baltimore, Maryland. Hope’s expertise lies in her ability to help you uncover the real story of why your business is struggling and how to leverage your innate strengths as an independent retailer to make your business a success.

Danielle Fritz | Dayton, OH

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Danielle Fritz offers her clients the invaluable business knowledge and insight that she has acquired throughout her career. Her expertise is diverse, which includes starting from a small family-business to leading its Internet operations from just a simple e-commerce site to a multi-million-dollar retailer. 

Sarah Harrison | Guelph, ON, Canada

Sarah Harrison knows what it means to be a hard-working retailer. In the 28 years of running her retail business, she has grown her women’s apparel and accessories stores from simple pop-up shops to a multimillion-dollar operation. Now Sarah wants to share the secrets of her success with her new business adventure, Bright Light Retail Coach. Whether your goal is business growth, help with implementing critical business skills, or even finding more freedom from your store, Sarah can help you find a clear path to a brighter future.

Maddie Kertay | Chattanooga, TN

Maddie is not everyone’s cup of tea unless you fancy your tea with a splash of whiskey. She will not insist you be a business-sheep to become an amazing business owner. She embraces bold moves and calculated risk for maximum results.

While her ethos is grounded in her abiding love for all the best bits of her Southern culture such as being a spectacular hostess she is not one to mince words or let you get away with a “poor me” attitude. She has a strong bent towards cause marketing and over the top event planning.

Cathy McKillip | Raleigh, NC

 After a successful corporate career, Cathy McKillip followed her dreams and bought a small, struggling retail store. She applied her passion for profit and turned this struggling business around – growing it 10X in 10 years. Living her dream of owning a successful retail store, she now wants to share her expertise with other retailers to help them achieve the life of their dreams.

Cathy Nagle-Ervin | Tiffin, OH

Cathy Nagle-Ervin is a seasoned professional specializing in the training and coaching of individuals within the retail marketplace. With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Cathy has developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in just what it means to become an effective and efficient retail employee. With that, Cathy brings a multitude of training and coaching knowledge with her to every training session that she is involved in, ultimately transforming employees into well-trained and well-versed retail associates.

Michelle Nelson | Albert Lea, MN

Michelle Nelson is a forward-thinking retail expert who turned her passion and dreams into success and reality. Through hard work and perseverance, Michelle has built a million dollar pet retail business from ground zero. Having survived the rise and fall of five other pet stores in the small community of Albert Lea, MN, she understands the daily struggles that retail owners face when competing against big-box retailers and online retail giants.

Gilbert Russell | Ottawa, ON, Canada

What does it take to keep an independent retail shop thriving in the era of big boxes, category killers, and online “retail is dead” shopping? Gilbert Russell can tell you!

In 1987, Gilbert started Brio Bodywear with just $50 and a dream. Over the next 30+ years, he experienced it all, from breakneck growth to near-bankruptcy and stagnation, and competitive threats no one could see coming.

Jeremy Truxillo | Lafayette, LA

Jeremy Truxillo, a third-generation retailer, brings 14 years of retail experience and a forward-thinking approach to help small retailers thrive in an ever-changing climate. He grew up in his grandfather’s grocery store and his father’s jewelry store learning the art of customer service at a young age.

Rolf Williams | Ellensburg, WA

Rolf T. Williams is a Retailer on a mission to help you discover how to have financial, business and personal freedom through retailing by making The Big Switch. Born into a retail family, Rolf has been on the sales floor selling since the age of 13 and has gone from shoveling and sweeping the sidewalks to owning and operating Jerrol’s, his family’s 4th generation department store located in the heart of Washington State.

Cris Willis | Cumming, GA

After marrying into a 4th generation retail family celebrating 142 years of business, Cris Willis has run the award-winning Parsons store alongside her husband, Gary for the past 25 years. Those 25 years have provided Cris with a unique understanding regarding the complexities of running a family business, such as splitting the business with family, opening, closing, remodeling, and rebranding stores.

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