FREE: 5 Easy Holiday Sales Games!

There's nothing easier or more effective at bumping up sales during the holiday season than a top-notch staff. These 5 sales games will have your team adding-on, selling up and spreading lots of holiday joy. Get your FREE game instructions created by retail expert, Bob Negen.

It’s a well-known fact that positive reinforcement – giving praise or rewards – is the MOST POWERFUL way to get someone to do what you want them to do. The more you want certain behaviors to occur, the more important it is to reward your employees when they do them.

Fortunately, giving rewards also happens to be really fun! Sales games are a simple and inexpensive way to reward your sales staff when they practice higher level selling skills.

In the report you’ll discover…

  • The key to making sales games “work” for both you, the store owner AND your employees.
  • The rules to 5 simple, fun sales games that will immediately improve staff selling skills.
  • A copy-and-play “Sales Bingo” card so you don’t have to create one of your own.

Here’s to a GREAT holiday sales!

About WhizBang! Retail Training

Bob & Susan Negen

Twenty years ago Bob and Susan Negen founded WhizBang! Retail Training to help retailers, store owners and managers get the nuts-and-bolts skills they need to run a successful business. In those twenty years they have worked with hundreds of thousands of retailers, presented at trade shows and conferences all over North America, created numerous courses for retail owners, managers and employees, and written a best-selling book on retail marketing.

Bob and Susan’s skills and real-world perspective come from over 40 years of combined on-the-floor retail experience. Bob founded the Mackinaw Kite Co., an award winning chain of kite and toy stores, and ran them for 19 years. Susan started her retail career as an executive at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, before she joined Bob at the Mackinaw Kite Co.

Together they have a knockout one-two punch of sophisticated “big business” skills and street-smart small business experience.


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