The 2016 Retail Success Summit was in May. Dates for 2017 will be released soon. Please check back for more updates or email to be added to our waiting list.

All information below is for the 2016 event.

Two Amazing Days of World-Class Retail Training for Store Owners Like YOU …Guaranteed To Put More Money in Your Bank or Your Money Back!

Dear Colleague,

Imagine getting out of the hurry-scurry of your daily store life and gathering together with hundreds of enthusiastic, motivated independent retailers for two intense days of world-class, retail-specific learning that will take your business to the next level and help you put more money in the bank.  

The Retail Success Summit is an exciting combination of high-level strategic thinking about your business, in-depth explorations of favorite tactics from the Retail Mastery System, new never-seen-before material, case studies, best practice ideas, 2-minute success tips, and the amazing expertise of top-notch guest speakers! 


If this kind of education, inspiration, and motivation sounds like what you’re looking for to take your business to the next level, then I’d like to invite you to join us on May 16 – 17, 2016 at the Retail Success Summit!

So, what can you expect at the Retail Success Summit?

Well, for starters, Susan and I will be pouring out 15 + hours of amazing retail skills tips, techniques, ideas, and tactics for running a better store. For most of the two-day event you’ll have the chance to work directly with us and learn the very best that we have to offer.

Bob Negen Speaking at the Retail Success Summit

Retail Success Summit Agenda!

Earlier this year your fellow store owners voted on which presentations they wanted at the Retail Success Summit. We ranked the survey results, reviewed all the great suggestions for new topics, and added a few important ones we really wanted to share.
The result is a two day set of presentations we are 100% sure will increase your sales, boost profits, give you more control over your business, and make you an overall happier, better store owner!

Here are just the programs Susan and I will present:

    • The Power of Your Strategic Vision – How to Get Twice the Results in Half the Time
    • Easy Money – 6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Now
    • Get Productive! Less Stress, More Fun, More Done
    • 3 Pillars of an Amazing Customer Experience
    • Real Retail Stories – How to Create a Service Culture that Sells!
    • The Retail Accountability Blueprint
    • WhizBang! Promotions and Special Events – All-Time Greatest Hits!
    • Why Don’t They Do What I want Them To Do?
    • Re-Imagining Retail
I can guarantee there will be so much money-making gold on this agenda that unless you literally sleep through the entire event, you are bound to come away with ideas, techniques, and tactics that will pay for the registration fee 100X, 200X,even 500X over. I’m not kidding or exaggerating!


Learn from AMAZING guest speakers!

At the Retail Success Summit you’ll not only hear from me and Susan, we also invite some of the best, most creative business minds in the world to share their expertise with you.

Crystal Vilkaitis
Crystal_VilkaitisDo you struggle with social media marketing? Most social media experts can teach you to use Facebook, but they’re lost when it comes to retail. Crystal Vilkaitis is the best of both worlds. She is the go-to source for social media marketing in the independent retail industry, having spoken to thousands of retailers on making the most of their social presence, email marketing, and mobile marketing tactics.

Crystal has been in the social media industry for nearly a decade, working exclusively with retailers for over 5 years, and has taken her educational seminars across the globe to places like Canada, New Zealand, Australia and coming soon to Puerto Rico. Plus, she has been one of our highest rated speakers at the Retail Success Summit for the last few years.

Crystal will be presenting two topics at the Retail Success Summit: The Social Selling Mindset

Do you have what it takes to market your retail store online? Step #1 is getting in the right mindset for success! Crystal has worked one-on-one with many successful retailers to learn what works, what doesn’t, and will help you develop your own key to success in social media marketing. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The traits of retailers who succeed… and the ones that hold them back.
  • How to pave your own path to success – when you can’t even find 10 spare minutes.
  • How to give your business a unique voice and speak to your perfect customer.
  • How to create a mindset of success to pass on to your employees.
  • Why what’s worked won’t be what works, and how retailers need to adapt.

3 Ways to Find New Customers Using Facebook and Instagram Ads No matter the business, you need one thing to guarantee growth: New customers! But how can you reach new customers online with so many competitors and big box stores to go up against? Paid advertising with Facebook and Instagram is your new secret weapon. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to get in front of NEW customers who will LOVE your store and products.
  • Why ads are a MUST, not a maybe.
  • Which images and copy work best to get you the results you want.
  • Which ad types are best for retailers (There are a lot to choose from, Crystal will save you time by telling you which are best for you).
  • The key to seeing results (Not only for your ads, but for ALL your store marketing).
  • How to save $$ on Facebook Ads.

Brandon Allen

Brandon AllenBrandon Allen is a management consultant and business coach with New Work Revolution and Wealth Factory. Brandon has an uncanny knack for getting leaders to the next step in their leadership journey and building an organization that thrives. He is the author of The Management Playbook (currently available on and the host of the popular leadership podcast, New Work Revolution. You can read more about his work at

At the Retail Success Summit Brandon will present: How to Live Wealthy Today Without Sacrificing the Future

Is your business earning enough to allow you to retire well? Living wealthy today is about enjoying your life now to the fullest while also having a comprehensive wealth building strategy that will sustain you for the future as well as leave a strong legacy for your loved ones.

Mike Taylor

Mike TaylorMike Taylor has twenty five years of experience in business management; strategic and operational planning; budgeting and control; and training for international corporations. Through his affiliation with Management One, he teams with independent retailers to help them achieve positive cash flows, growth and success.
The cornerstone of Mike’s knowledge comes from Management One’s open to buy planning system, Retail Orbit Merchandise Planning.

Mike will be presenting:Open to Buy Made Easy

Open to Buy is a term for a type of merchandise planning that gives the retailer the optimum amount of merchandise to flow into the store by category, by month. We will explore Open to Buy in a way that allows the concepts to be easily understood by all. Learn how to develop a constantly updated plan detailing the quantity and type of merchandise you should buy by category, and when to land it. This enables you to go to market with a specific dollar budget, by month, for each category of merchandise that will provide the optimum inventory to support potential sales as the seasons wax and wane.

Betsy Flanagan
betsyflanaganBetsy is passionate about helping business owners leverage their strengths and achieve their personal leadership potential. Her approach creates positive and indelible changes in individuals, the teams they lead, and the companies they work for. She is results-oriented and pragmatic, drawing on her diverse experience both in large corporations and as the founder of her own successful companies. Betsy is a frequent speaker on the topic of Millennials and workforce engagement at leading national conferences like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SXSW Interactive, and New Media Expo.

Betsy holds an AB in Anthropology from Harvard University, cum laude, and an MBA from University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business. In addition, she is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, completed Leadership Coaching Training at iPEC, and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner. In addition, Betsy is a friend and colleague of Bob and Susan and is one of the smartest, most insightful business minds they know!

Don’t miss Betsy’s presentation: Managing Millennials For Success

Millennials are seeking workplaces that are vastly different than those of their predecessors. Different than work-centric Boomers and Gen-Xers, Millennials seek flexible schedules and time for personal pursuits. They perform best with structure, enjoy working on a team, and want their managers to be coaches. 

During this presentation you’ll learn…

  • How to build and nurture a Millennial-friendly workforce while taking into account the benefits of generational diversity.
  • The best way to supervise millennials.
  • How to ensure your team is engaged, productive, and committed.
  • Why focusing on strengths makes teams more productive and successful.
  • To understand what characteristics workers from different generations bring to a team.
  • How to make age diversity an asset rather than a liability. 

Anne Cecil
anne cecilAnne Cecil is a design, merchandising and business professional with over 30 years of industry experience making, developing, promoting and selling a variety of products. Cecil currently serves as Teaching Professor in the Design & Merchandising program at Drexel University where her specialties include visual merchandising, product development, branding, social media and e-commerce. Her consultancy, ONO made in the 191, offers a variety of support to independent retailers. One WhizBang! retailer said of Anne, “She’s brilliant, funny, and a great presenter. Her talk on store display, layout,and visual merchandising was awesome!”

Anne will present: The Art And Science Of Visual Merchandising

Your facade, store layout and merchandise presentation is a key differentiating factor that makes you more competitive, and more profitable. Creating engaging visual displays and arranging merchandise within a store to improve the layout leads to increased traffic and sales. Learn how your customer shops and simple, cost-effective merchandising strategies to make the most profitable use of every square foot in your store.

Choose the breakout sessions that are just right for you…

Each retailer who attends the Retail Success Summit is unique, with different kinds of stores and different needs. There’s “no one size fits all” when it comes to learning. That’s why we’re giving you tons of choices and lots of learning possibilities at the Retail Success Summit.

In addition to the general sessions, once each morning and once each afternoon you’ll get to choose one of our amazing breakout sessions. Pick the topics you like – leave what you don’t.

If you want to get it all, bring a colleague or two from your store and send one person to each of the breakout sessions. It’s like magically adding more learning hours to each day!

Each of the breakout sessions will be presented by me, Susan, or one of our fabulous guest speakers.

Your Retail Success Summit ACTION PLAN

Here’s a statistic that you should tape to your computer screen so you see it at least a couple of times a day:

“90% of the small businesses that fail, do so because of a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner.” (Dunn and Bradstreet survey reported in the Harvard Business Review)

If it’s the lack of retail skills and knowledge which can tank your business, then logic simply dictates that adding skills and knowledge will increase your chances at business success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new retailer or have owned your store for 25 years, the more knowledge you have about what to do and how to do it, the better your results are likely to be.

Knowledge is the key to success… But knowledge alone isn’t enough.

Education without ACTION is merely entertainment. 

Susan and I are not in the entertainment business. We’re showing up to make a huge impact on your business. And we know that you won’t get better results and won’t have the ultra-successful store of your dreams unless you take action.

That’s why we built one very special feature into the Retail Success Summit; one we know will make an amazing difference in your business.

Unlike most seminars where you come home with a bunch of notes that get stuffed in a drawer somewhere, you’re going to leave the Summit with a personalized one-page action plan you can put to work immediately to grow your business.

It’s an exact blueprint of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there: a step-by-step plan for your path to success. How do we know it works? Here’s just one example of real results achieved by taking action on the information learned at the Summit:

“We are pleased to announce we have successfully checked off 8 out of 10 action items on our list from the Summit! Number 9 is in the works. AND we finished August up 40%! Thank you for ALL you do!

Jamie Bush

Point of Origin, Lakeway, TX

Monday Night Networking!

On Monday evening we will have our “always-a-hit” networking party where you’ll have a great time chatting with all your new retail friends, hanging out with Bob and Susan, and exchanging great ideas for success. In fact many people find that spending time making new retail friends and connecting with old buddies is just as valuable as the time spent in sessions during the day.  

Networking at the Retail Success Summit  

The Premier Experience

For an even more special experience at the Retail Success Summit and to forge a deeper connection with me and Susan, you might consider upgrading to the Premier Experience.

We’ll have cocktails and a private dinner together the Sunday night before the Summit. You’ll get express registration at the event, Premier reserved seating up-front in the venue, some special Premier “swag” gifts, and two Premier follow-up calls with us AFTER the event to keep you on track and moving forward on your Top 10 Action Items list. And, you’ll undoubtedly create bonds with the other Premier Experience retailers that will last long after the Summit is over!

Get more info about the Premier Experience.

Now that you know what’s happening during the Summit, you may be wondering about the…

Location, Logistics, and Nitty-Gritty Details

The Retail Success Summit will be held at the beautiful DeVos Place Convention Center in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 16 and 17, 2016.

In the heart of downtown Grand Rapids (named as one of the best places in the US to live by both the Men’s Journal and the Wall Street Journal Market Watch) the DeVos Place is situated on the lovely Grand River and is large enough to hold the 500+ retailers we expect to gather for the Summit.
The DeVos Place is a short cab ride from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, connected via covered walkway to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and the JW Marriott, and is within easy walking distance of great restaurants, shops, and museums.

Click here for information on lodging and fun stuff to do while you’re in Grand Rapids (Not that you’ll have a lot of extra time!)

Check-in and name tag pick-up begins at 8:00 am on Monday 5/16/2016 and the event starts promptly at 8:30 am. The Summit will close at 5:00 pm on Tuesday 5/17/2016.

You’ll see that with all the great topics, your choice of breakout sessions, and the awesome Monday networking party, you’ll be busy having fun and learning lots from morning to night.


The standard registration for the Retail Success Summit is $997 for the first person and $297 for each additional person from your store.
The Retail Success Summit includes: 2 full days of business-building, money-making, retail-specific information, nationally-recognized guest speakers, amazing networking opportunities, your take-home action plan, and lots of fun.

Honestly, you’d have to sleep through the entire event not to pick up enough great ideas to pay for the registration fee 100X, 200X, even 500X over. I’m not kidding or exaggerating. A $100,000 ROI on this event should be a slam-dunk for any retailer who has half a brain (you do) and is willing to use the ideas you’ll learn (you will). I’m so confident in the value of what you’ll learn at the Retail Success Summit that I guarantee it…


Your 100% better-than-money-back guarantee!

Yep, this event, like everything we offer, is 100% guaranteed. If, at the end of first day of the Retail Success Summit, you do not feel you are getting ideas, strategies, tools, and techniques that, put into action, would generate at least $100,000 in revenue for your store, simply tell me, turn in your notebook, and I will give you a 100% refund on your registration fees PLUS $1,000. Sure, some unscrupulous knucklehead could take advantage of me with this great guarantee, but I’ve offered this kind of guarantee before and it hasn’t happened yet. Why? Because, quite simply, the value is there. No other event gives a guarantee like this, but then again, no other event is quite like the Retail Success Summit!

Or call 800-842-1660 to register by phone. We’d love to talk to you!


Fair warning…

Seating is limited and previous Retail Success Summits have SOLD OUT months before the event! So register now so that you don’t lose your seat! Once the Summit is sold out you’ll be put on a waiting list, but there is no guarantee you’ll get in. I cant wait to see YOU at the Summit!

Bob Negen
P.S. Last year we gave away iPad Minis to ten lucky winners and this year we’ll give away other great gifts! But you can’t win if you’re not registered…  
Or call 800-842-1660 to register by phone. We’d love to talk to you!